Left-handers are very, very upset about the latest iPhone.

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While being a left-hander makes you somewhat unique, it also comes with a whole host of daily hardships. Between the smudging and writing in spiral-spined notebooks, left handers face problems righties will never understand.

Now, there’s one more to add to the list. While thousands of shoppers flocked to get their hands on the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, left hand dominant purchasers were left a little disappointed.

There’s one main feature of the new phone that’s made it difficult for lefties to use.

With the larger Plus model, when the phone is switched to landscape mode, the side dock sits to the right, next to the home button, meaning if you’re left handed, you can’t reach it with your dominant thumb.

Lefties are not happy. At all.

Another twitter user, @OutfrontView, commented, 'Turns out using the iPhone if you're left-handed isn't a party.'

@counternotions mentioned that perhaps Tay Tay could help them out, tweeting, 'If Taylor Swift were left-handed, would iPhone 6S dock be so hard to reach for lefties in landscape mode?'

Tsk, tsk. Apple pride themselves on being one of the most user friendly brands on the market, so they probably should have taken left-hander usability into a little more consideration, no?

13 million people have purchased the new iPhone and with one in 10 people being left handed, that's around one million lefties who are feeling a little, well, left out. (Post continues after gallery.)


This isn't the first time lefties have had issues with the iPhone. Closing pop-ups have previously been an issue, with many lefties having to switch hands to hit the close icon, which is in the right hand corner.

But not all users are angry at Apple, @jeffreymann tweeted: "I’m glad to be a left-handed iPhone user. The swipe gesture to go back a page is easy and will still be easy no matter the screen size."

That's the spirit.

Do you have any left-handed woes to share?