I'm calling it: Here are 8 new beauty products that are going to reach cult status.

While there are tried-and-true products we've all used, loved, and cherished, there's just something so exciting about trialling cute new products that hit the beauty scene, isn't there? 

Because sometimes you just *know* when a beauty product is destined to do big things.

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In saying that, it can be really bloody tricky knowing which newbies are really worth trying in the first place. 

So, you know what I thought would be good? A wee roundup. 

Here are some of the top new beauty products that are seriously giving our old cult favourites a run for their money. Who knows - they might just become your new Holy Grail!

Bobbi Brown Skin Corrector Stick, $54.


Alright, these are not technically new. Everyone who knows beauty has heard of the iconic Bobbi Brown Corrector pots - they're the absolute jam. 

But did you know it's recently been upgraded to a stick version? Because it has! It really has. Same incredible formula - just way more convenient and easier to use. 

And I have a feeling it's going to be just as popular - if not MORE popular - than the OG.

Espressoh Glassy Blush By The Glass, $40.

Hailing from Italy, this buzzy new beauty brand called Espressoh recently dropped in Sephora - and this one product that's absolutely flying off the shelves. 

It's basically a colour-changing highlighter/blush hybrid (feels like jelly) that reacts to the pH of your skin - going from clear to pink when applied. Meaning? It'll look different on different skin tones.



Kopari Organic Coconut Melt, $50.

I feel like the new Kopari Organic Coconut Melt is set to be the new Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. There, I said it.

I know, I know - the Kopari formula is *completely* different from the iconic Bum Bum Cream (it's not at all thick and creamy - it's more like an oil than a cream). But! There's just something about this delicious summery scent that feels so darn addictive. I honestly think it's going to be the new bougie body cream everyone wants to bathe in.

JVN Nurture Deep Moisture Mask.


THIS 👏 MASK 👏 IS 👏 INCREDIBLE. Jonathan Van Ness is an actual hair wizard. I've been using it weekly and I can honestly say, it's one of my most favourite new launches yet. 

You're supposed to leave it on for around three to five minutes after shampooing (just switch out your usual conditioner once a week). But being the absolute bad a$$ that I am, I've been leaving it on a little longer and rinsing it out an hour or so post-shower. 

And, you guys - I feel like I have a new head of hair. It's SO incredibly soft. Shiny. Non-frizzy. 

It's soon to be launched in Sephora AU - so keep an eye out. I reckon it's going to go OFF.

Naked Sundays Clear Glow SPF Serum, $49.95.


Have you heard? Naked Sundays just dropped a new SPF serum. Yes - an SPF SERUM! 

It's a totally clear formula designed to replace your serum, moisturiser and primer. Infused with skin-loving ingredients like squalane, watermelon extract, tomato extract and jojoba, it also gives your skin a hit of hydration. 

BREAD Macadamia Oil - For Hair & Body, $43.

Perfect for dry and frizzy hair, this newbie from BREAD helps soften your hair, making it shiny hydrated and 100 per cent more manageable. Whether you have curly or straight hair, this is a goer! 

You can also slather it on your body - it’s bloody delicious. Macadamia contains squalene and is a natural emollient - so great for targeting dryness. It also has antioxidants - so it’s good for head-to-toe TLC.

Cultured Biome One Serum, $108.


ICYMI, your microbiome is having a major moment. One brand making waves in this space is Cultured - a range of skincare products designed to protect and support the skin’s natural bacterial balance, while strengthening its barrier.

One of the stand-outs? Cultured’s multi-active serum. Perfect for any skin that needs a boost of hydration, this guy uses probiotics and postbiotics to help the skin’s microbiome lock in moisture, for a renewed, radiant appearance.  

It certainly ain't cheap, but can see it comfortably sliding in alongside some of the other bougie cult serums we know and love.

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Have you tried any of the above products before? Do you rate them? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Mamamia; Mecca; Sephora, JVN.

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