"I always get compliments wearing them": 17 things the Mamamia team shopped this month.

Winter is mere days away, and one of the few upsides of that is the fits we get to wear. 

Are you as excited about winter fashion as we are? Well get on board, because it's looking like a colourful season ahead!

In May, the Mamamia team shopped a bunch of cosy new clothes and vivid accessories to brighten both our looks and our moods for when it's freezing outside. 

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From the patterned blouse we're obsessed with to ALL the winter shoes, here are our latest purchases.

Kmart Padded Bomber Jacket, $40.

"I was about to buy myself a standard black puffer but I saw this cobalt blue option and thought why not! Channelling a bit of Kim K energy in my everyday." - Tamara Davis, Head of Lifestyle and co-host of What Are You Wearing?.

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Seafolly Boyfriend Beach Shirt, $89.95, and Rubi Dash Single Strap Slide, $10.

"I got this beach dress thing to go over my swimmers and these slides for my first overseas holiday post-COVID. Perfect for the Fiji sunshine!" - Laura Jackel, Parenting Writer.

Image: Supplied.

Suku Home Rhythm Classic Pyjamas, $180.

"This is the first new item of clothing I've bought this year. I've been coveting some Suku pyjamas for years, so I bought some at their Sydney pop-up store. I have been wearing them out of the house a lot because they're so comfy, and they're ethically made in Bali from bamboo." - Emmeline Peterson, Podcast Producer.

Image: Supplied.


Nike Air Max 90, $190.

"I stopped scrolling as soon as I saw these bad boys on Insta. The colour of these kicks is everything. I had also forgotten how comfy Air Max trainers are - haven't had a pair since the mid '90s." - Frankie Romano, NSW Sales Manager.

Image: Supplied.

Sheike Violetta Blouse, $129.95.

"I picked up this shirt from Sheike - it's so different to anything I already own but I'm in love with the colours and the padded buttons!" - Leah Porges, Podcast Producer.

Image: Supplied.


Sportscraft Robyn Varsity Bomber, $349.99.

"I'm a sucker for anything olive - it's probably my most worn colour besides black and beige - so when I saw this bomber, it was on. It feels like a big blanket and looks epic with jeans and activewear." - Charlotte Begg, Lifestyle Writer.

Image: Supplied.

Dented Diva Paris Dangle Earrings, $35.

"I was gifted some earrings from Dented Diva - they are the perfect statement party earrings (or for everyday if you love glitter like me). They're like wearing disco balls on your ears. I love adding some sparkle to wintery days." - Rose Kerr, Podcast Producer.

Image: Dented Diva.


Sleeper Party PJ Set, $420.

"I finally caved and bought these party pyjamas. I love the feather detail on the pants - it's just the right amount. Realistically I wouldn't actually wear these to bed, but I'd definitely wear them out to dinner with some heels. Oh, and they're also 30 per cent off right now." - Talia Phillips, Strategy Manager. 

Image: The Iconic.


Petal & Pup Leyton Jumpsuit, $89.

"I have my both my mum's 60th cocktail party and my friend's 30th at a pub this Saturday night, so I needed something I could wear to both. I picked up this black jumpsuit from Petal & Pup, which I think is really versatile! I'll change my shoes and add a leather jacket for the 30th to dress it down a little after the cocktail party, and the tie waist also makes it really flattering." - Simone Masci, Sales Manager.

Image: Petal & Pup.

Fashion Mode Link Chain Bracelet, $40.

"I was sent some jewellery from this label (perks of hosting a fashion podcast!) and absolutely love their chain link collection - it's super wearable for day but elevated enough for evening too. There are matching earrings and a choker with this set which I'll be wearing to an upcoming event. Plus, it's much more affordable than it looks." - Tamara Davis, Head of Lifestyle and co-host of What Are You Wearing?.

Image: Supplied. 


Outland Denim Rosa Stellar Shacket, $239.90.

"Denim shackets are in this winter, so it was a no-brainer snagging one for myself. This one, kindly gifted by Outland Denim, is ethically made in Australia and such good quality. It comes with matching jeans, too!" - Charlotte Begg, Lifestyle Writer.

Image: Supplied.

Listen to What Are You Wearing?, Mamamia's weekly fashion podcast. On this episode, host Tamara reveals all the secrets of her wedding day look. Post continues after audio.

Deja Marc The Double Sided Handwriting Necklace, $246.40.

"I was recently given this gorgeous necklace, it's so precious to me now - it has an 'xo' engraved from handwriting from a card from my grandma, but you can also get them personalised with finger prints, etc. Really special." - Emma Gillespie, Senior Producer and host of Extraordinary Stories.


Image: Deja Marc.

Ric Rac Road Cashemir Dress, $140.

"And I'm obsessed with this new dress from Ric Rac Road. It sold out in about two minutes but they're restocking in June." - Emma Gillespie, Senior Producer and host of Extraordinary Stories.

Image: Ric Rac Road.


Trenery Alpaca Bell Sleeve Cardigan, on sale for $99.95.

Trenery does excellent knitwear, and you can get this luxe cardi on sale right now for under 100 bucks! Although it looks great over tanks and tees, I love it on its own as a top tucked into jeans or leather pants. - Tamara Davis, Head of Lifestyle and co-host of What Are You Wearing?.

Image: Supplied.

Wittner Berry Black Leather Elastic Gusset Ankle Boot, $260.

"I bought these new boots recently and have been wearing them almost every day. The low heel and elastic gusset make them super comfortable and I love the sparkle that the silver studs add. They're a winter staple for sure!" - Leah Porges, Podcast Producer.

Image: Wittner.


ASOS DESIGN Simba slingback stilettos in pink, $42.50.

"I wrote about these heels a few months ago when the sales were on, and I loved them so much I snapped them up. For a fun pair of trendy heels, they're great quality and comfortable. I've worn them a few times already and always get compliments on them. And I feel fab wearing them!" - Charlotte Begg, Lifestyle Writer.

Image: Supplied.

Did you buy something new in May? Or maybe you thrifted an item and gave it new life! Tell us about it in the comments.

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