The new "clipper" haircut trend that's both extremely tempting and terrifying.

“I’m thinking of going shorter,” would have to be the single most terrifying phrase you could say to a hairdresser.

It’s basically a green flag for your trusted stylist to, well, go completely crazy. And let’s be honest – is there anything in the world more terrifying than a hairdresser with permission to cut?

Now there is. A scary/kind of tempting new hair cutting trend has found its way to mainstream salons, and to be honest, we’re freaking out.

Behold, the ‘clipper cut’:

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The ‘clipper cut’ involves replacing traditional hairdressing scissors with an electric razor, commonly used for shaving heads or fading into blunt hairdos cropped close to the skin.

Like a lawn mower, they’ll move around your terrified noggin until your hair sits in a straight bob. The key? Not moving. (Actually, try not to breathe, either. There are no second chances on this one.)

If things go right, you will walk out with a picture-perfect blunt bob.
If things go wrong – that is, if you happen to sneeze, or twitch, or glance down at your phone – your hairline could look less ‘Anna Wintour’, and more ‘toddler left alone with scissors’.

Celebrity hair stylist Anthony Nader of RAW Hair in Sydney, points out that this is a skill best left to the #professionals.  “The clipper cut is when your hairstylist – and yes, I said hairstylist here readers, not to be tackled at home in the kitchen by your bestie either,” he warns. “It takes precision and a steady hand to master this ‘Lego-Inspired Hairstyle’ shape that’ll win you points with the crowds.” Crazy hair trend: two-toned locks. (Post continues after gallery).
Before you retort than you’ve never seen this trend, it’s worth noting that the clipper-cut trend has gone worldwide.

District Salon in Sydney has uploaded a video of the clipper cut in action, with California hairdresser Fern The Barber also showing off their impressive clipper skills.

Check out the hashtag #clipperbob for more examples of the cut in action. (Just be prepared to hold your breath in every video – it’s terrifying to watch…)

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Admittedly, the results are pretty great.

Clipper-cut bobs are sleek, perfect, and have a blunt edge you could only dream of achieving with scissors or a razor.

But as Anthony Nader points out, this isn’t a look for everyone. “Once you make that first cut, you can’t go back, so make sure in the consultation with your hairdresser that there is a 100 per cent understanding on the outcome and how blunt your new fab hair shape is going to be.”


Anthony says that if you are considering the clipper cut, make sure your hairdresser uses a good quality, super sharp pair of clippers to avoid damage. He recommends Wahl clippers because “they LAST.”

Short but not boring…created this bob using a clipper and gave her lots of texture. Loving the end result.

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So, what do you think? Would you be brave enough to let your hairdresser come at you with electric clippers?

From razor blade haircuts to using flames to burn off dead ends (yes, that’s a thing), our poor old locks really have met with violent trends in recent years.

The upside to a clipper cut? It takes half the time than a traditional haircut.

Just make sure you don’t sneeze.