"It's the most hydrating product I've ever used": 21 beauty products we're loving sick this month.

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Did anyone feel like September came and went really quickly? Well, us too. It's somehow October and Christmas will be here before we know it.

But before that happens, there are a bunch of new (and new to us) skincare, makeup, haircare and body care products we tried in September that we need to discuss immediately.

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Here you’ll find reviews of the best beauty products that launched in September, as well as the products we’ve rediscovered and fallen back in love with.

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Milk Makeup Kush Mascara, $39.

"Am I late to the party? Why yes. Yes I am. But hooly dooly - now I GET IT. I totally understand why Milk Makeup's Kush Mascara is such a cult product, cause it's bloody good! It gives my lashes the most amazing fluffy look - for extra length and volume. And the wand! Goodness, the wand. It's weighty, thick and manages to coat every single lash. Swoon!" - Erin Docherty, Senior Health and Beauty Writer.

Image: Supplied. 

Bye Bye Blemish Drying Lotion, $14.99.

"Apologies for the grotty top (I told my boyfriend it says DO NOT SHAKE), but we're loving this in my household. We leave it on the bathroom counter, apply on any pesky pimples right before bed and they halve in size by the morning. What more could you want?" - Charlotte Begg, Lifestyle Writer.

Image: Supplied. 

Ultra Violette Queen Screen SPF 50+ Luminising Serum SKINSCREEN™, $47.

"I just made the switch because I was finding that my usual face sunscreen was making me break out all of a sudden. LOVING it so far, skin has cleared right up, smells like roses and goes on perfectly for everyday wear. Aesthetic packaging too." - Olivia Simons, Group Sales Manager of Social Squad.

Image: Adore Beauty and Mamamia. 

Jojoba Transformative Eye Serum, $59.95.

"Finally hopped aboard the Jojoba train, and I'm thrilled to be here. This eye serum is really light and honestly feels a little like fancy water, but it has brightened up my eye bags by at least four watts." - Katie Stow, Evening Editor.

Image: Supplied. 

Antipodes Avocado Oil & Rosehip Divine Face Oil, $29.

"Face oils can be so hit and miss with me because I hate that tacky feeling that can happen if they're a little too thick. That being said, the Antipodes Rosehip & Avocado Divine Face Oil is so light and pleasant, I look forward to slapping it on every evening. It's also got a super inoffensive, natural scent which is... divine." - Emma Gillman, News Writer.

Image: Supplied. 

Naked Sundays Glow Body Mist SPF50+, $44.95.

"With hot weather starting a little earlier this year, this sunscreen body mist has become a beach bag essential. I'm already such a fan of their face mist so I had a good feeling about this - and yes, it's just as good! It keeps me on top of my SPF, smells delightful and just like the face mist, leaves me all glowy." - Charlotte Begg, Lifestyle Writer.

Image: Supplied. 

Glo Skin Beauty Hydra-Bright AHA Glow Peel, $131.00.

"Glo Skin Beauty just launched peel-in-a-box kits, and it's everything my dull ol' lockdown skin needed. I tried the Hydra-Bright AHA Glow Peel and was surprised both at how it didn't burn the s**t out of my skin (it contains nourishing ingredients like niacinamide and hyaluronic acid), and just how radiant my complexion was afterwards. She's ready for her picnics!" - Erin Docherty, Senior Health and Beauty Writer.

Image: Supplied. 

Sabbia Co Matcha Clay Mask, $49.99.

"I've had a serious case of maskne lately and have been using this mask every week. It's magic! I also got their face kit as I'm trying to invest in more sustainable and high-quality beauty tools." - Madeleine Balkwell, Senior Content Executive.

Image: Sabbia Co and Mamamia. 

Tbh Skincare Thirst Trap Moisturiser, $39.

"My face hates most truly nourishing moisturisers because I’m acne-prone and they make me break out, but this does not! Plus, it’s got squalene and jojoba in it, which the You Beauty podcast has told me are good ingredients." - Gia Moylan, Senior Podcast Producer.

Image: Supplied. 

Mermade Hair Blowdry Brush, $89.

"Pretty sure I saw The Undone co-host Lucy Neville use this on Instagram and I was influenced to buy it. I have curly hair so wasn't too sure how well it would work for me, but it's actually made styling so much easier and totally smooths out my hair while still giving it volume and body. Big fan!" - Simon Masci, Sales Manager.

Image: Mermade Hair and Mamamia. 

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream, $64.

"This is a dreamy mix of light but POWERFUL. Makes my face feel instantly plumper, fresher and honestly... better. It smells a bit like my Nana's potpourri, but that hasn't deterred me from smothering it on my face every day." - Katie Stow, Evening Editor.

Image: Supplied. 

Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protective Primer, $29.

"This stuff smells like a dream, feels lush in your hair, and seems to also do… everything? My hair is really fragile right now as it’s growing back after I lost it to chemo, so I’ve been taking more care to protect and nourish it so that it stays funky fresh. I always get compliments on how this smells, and it is UV protective so I know it’s doing good things to protect my noggin!" - Maddie King, Social Media Executive.

Image: Bumble and Bumble and Mamamia. 

Tailor Skincare Awaken Eye Cream, $49.

"I always thought eye creams were... well, not for 20-year-old's - which is so silly in hindsight, because puffy eyes and dark circles are a perpetual issue of mine, and have been for ages. Then I came across this awaken eye cream and let me tell you, I'm not sure what kind of magic is injected in this stuff (actually, I am, it's caffeine extract and hyaluronic acid) but the area around my eyes is instantly lighter and brighter after application. It's also got this delicious ceramic tip which feels super soothing on my skin." - Emma Gillman, News Writer.

Image: Supplied. 

StayX Hair Perfecting Wand, $23.99.

"I walk a minimum of 5 kilometres every day and I probably spend about 70 per cent of my walk wiping away hairs from my forehead and trying to tuck the inch-long strands behind my ears. I've been trying the StayX Hair Perfecting Wand, and I don’t know what magic is involved with this, but the anti-frizz formula holds the hairs down so well and isn't sticky or noticeable on my dark hair. All my baby hairs and flyaways are neatly fixed in literally just a few swipes and stay there for MY WHOLE WALK. Sweating and all. I'm a bit obsessed." - Emily Vernem, Social Media Producer and co-host of The Undone.

Image: Supplied. 

Caudalie Vinopure Skin Perfecting Mattifying Moisturizer, $54.

"When it gets a little warmer, my morning skincare routine is all about keeping my oily skin matte throughout the day, and this moisturiser has worked perfectly for that. It's lightweight and hydrating but also has this epic blurring effect that hides my pores and doesn't give me that 3pm oil slick. Winning." - Charlotte Begg, Lifestyle Writer.

Image: Supplied. 

Susanne Kaufmann Nutrient Concentrate Skin Smoothing Serum, $216.

"She pricey AF, but as someone who struggles to incorporate vitamin A into my routine - I'm bloody loving it. It's formulated with retinyl palmitate - a gentle form of retinol that won't piss off your skin - as well as ascorbyl palmitate (vitamin C) and hyaluronic acid. Can't get enough." - Erin Docherty, Senior Health and Beauty Writer.

Image: Supplied. 

Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face SPF30 Physical Zinc Sunscreen Stick, $38.

"With the weather warming up in Sydney I've rediscovered Mecca's Zinc Stick, and this stuff feels so bloody luxe. I loooove investing in a good sunscreen because there is NOTHING worse than that anxious feeling at the beach when you can feel a burn creeping in. Never the case with this product. I feel like I'm as safe as if I were wrapped up inside under three layers. Amazing." - Emma Gillman, News Writer.

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Tatcha The Dewy Skin Cream, $97.

"I’m loving this cream from Tatcha. It’s so lush and great for dehydrated skin. I’ve been using it when I feel like my skin needs some extra hydrated love." - Isobel Paine, Head of MPlus.

Image: Mecca and Mamamia. 

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Intensive Lip Repair Balm, $30.

"My lips have been BEGGING for a balm to solve all their problems, and this rich, juicy pot of goodness has done just that. I coat my lips in the stuff before going to sleep and wake up like a new lady ready to do some smooching." - Katie Stow, Evening Editor.

Image: Supplied. 

Josie Rose Dream Mask, $126.80.

"I've just ordered this Josie Rose Dream Mask from the UK. I got to trial it last year while it was still in development and it's THE MOST hydrating product I've ever used. It’s full of actives with micro-encapsulated retinol, stabilised Vitamin C and microalgae. And I just love the sea glass pump bottle - so luxe!" - Michelle Fry, Senior Strategy Manager.

Image: Josie Rose and Mamamia. 

Medik8 Oxy-R Peptides, $124 (2 x 10mls).

"Another new launch from Medik8? Yes! They are the launch QWEENS. The latest one is a Brightening Peptide Serum, and if you struggle with dull skin and dark spots, this could be your guy. It contains powerful skin brightening peptides to help control and prevent pigmentation in the skin. I'm already noticing a difference in my skin tone - love!" - Erin Docherty, Senior Health and Beauty Writer.

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