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Keira and Jarrod were asked what they think of new Bachelorette Ali. They didn't hold back.

Keira and Jarrod from Bachelor in Paradise appeared on Fitzy and Wippa this morning and certainly did not hold back when asked what they thought about Ali Oetjen being announced as the new Bachelorette.

“Ugh, next question” Jarrod said without hesitation.

“This is why I was worried about interviews this morning,” Keira laughed.”I was like, ‘Babe, you need to hold back. Do not say everything that comes to your mind.’ I thought I had no filter, seriously!

He does like her, he’s just worried she’s going to have a hard time choosing” Keira explained.

But Jarrod clearly wasn’t done.

“Honestly, she was there on the island for a long time. Basically, all we saw was, well, it was just very lame. Um, just boring. There’s no other way to put it.”

For clarification, Wippa asked: “Are you saying this because you consider her to be boring, or that she loves lots of men?”

“Uhh, boring” Jarrod said.

Let us not forget that Jarrod did actually take Ali on a date early on in the series, and seemed quite impressed by her, before she rejected him. But obviously his opinion of her has changed since then. Just a bit.

We debrief on the HECTIC finale of Bachelor in Paradise, on our recap podcast. Post continues after audio. 

Wippa also asked Keira if she watched Sophie Monk’s season of The Bachelorette, and more specifically, did she see Jarrod walk that excruciatingly long beach after getting his heart broken in the finale?

“You know what, I actually watched him throughout the whole Bachelorette series and I was kinda like, I dunno, my eyes were like ‘ooh, I really like him’. There was something that attracted me to him, and when I met him there was definitely a connection.”