Hold onto your roses, The Bachelor mansion is moving to a new location.

The Bachelor Australia is returning for a fourth season in 2016, ready and willing to break a few ladies hearts to find the One. Tim and Anna have made it happen. Sam and Snezana are on the forever road towards Married Life and even Sam and Sasha are getting ready to move in together. But all great love stories begin with getting to know one another, and how else can you imagine it than with a picturesque sea side mansion at Hunters Hill to relax/dine/hand out roses in.

Just look at that water.

Up up and away… This single date is out of this world!???????? #TheBachelorAU

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Hunters Hill (and its frustrated residents) have endured three years of filming sets, limousines, traffic, paparazzi and late night date nights at the hands of The Bachelor crew. But no more. Those fairy lights and chandelier-encrusted terraces are moving west – to Glenorie, in Sydney’s rural region.

But don’t think the glamour and magic will disappear along with the view of Sydney harbour. The two hectare property, which was sold on the quiet to Channel 10 in June last year, is worth $3.4 million and boasts the kind of accessories you’d expect in a house that makes and breaks dreams.

Basically, a lot of room to cry.

Check it out here. Post continues after video… 

There are two homes on the property (presumably one for the Bachelor himself and the other for his damsels), which include more than ten bedrooms, seven bathrooms, five car spaces, three fireplaces, a tennis court, generously-sized swimming pool and an unspeakably beautiful view of the NSW countryside.


Domain is still advertising the house(s) on its site so you can sneak a peek before show time.

From the pictures you can also see a rather large driveway, which will be just perfect for those initial awkward/fantastic ‘meet cute’ moments in episode one.

snez and sam meet cute moment
When they met. Aw! Image: Channel 10.

We’re guessing the move was primarily due to the noise complaints from Hunters Hill locals, but this way the girls have even further to drive back to Sydney airport when they get eliminated. Forty kilometres to be exact. Talk about too much time to think.

We can’t wait to see what kind of ol’ wild west challenges the contestants will have to participate in. Cowboy hats mandatory.

Speaking of The Bachelor, the US edition is reaching its conclusion. But after telling two women he loved them, who will Ben Higgins choose? 

Video by ABC