The 'Aussie Legends Alphabet' is here, and every parent needs to get their hands on it.

Sydney mum of two, Becky Feiner – who co-created Mum’s Milestones – has designed a new pictorial alphabet for Australian kids.

After looking for an Alphabet poster for her son’s room, she found sweet but “mundane” art and wanted something with more impact than B for banana.

“I wanted to brighten up my kids’ rooms, and help them learn the alphabet while learning about some of Australia’s Legendary figures at the same time.”

A is for Adam Goodes, L is for Lee Lin Chin. Image supplied.

That's how the Aussie Legends Alphabet was born.

Although the graphic designer wanted to make a poster for kids, many adults without kids have taken a keen interest too.

"I guess it’s got a couple of layers to it. You know, like The Simpsons, it’s got something for kids and something for adults alike. If kids and adults can enjoy it - well, that’s a win-win."

"I wanted to show everyone - especially kids - that a diverse range of people have made Australia awesome. This includes different race, gender and cultural backgrounds. In this current political climate, it’s important for kids to see how important diversity really is."

Feiner's favourite letters include A for Adam Goodes, E for Eddie Mabo, D for Dame Edna, J for Jimmy Little, L for Lee Lin Chin, K for Kath and Kim and V for Victor Chang.

K is for Kath and Kim. F is for Fred Hollows. Image supplied.

"As I got to the last few letters of the alphabet I started to struggle a little bit and I had to use a bit of artistic license," says Feiner.

"I did Jorn Utzon for U. He is from Denmark but designed the opera house, so I think he deserved an honorary Australian title. And X was impossible so I decided to do INXS. I love Michael Hutchence and think he deserved a place."

The new alphabet for Australians. Image supplied.

The designer said she had to be ruthless with only 26 letters.  Sir Don Bradman was scrapped over Bob Hawke and Dame Edna.

"Try and imagine Australia without that person. If that feels disappointing, then that person’s an Aussie Legend.

"Take away Bob Hawke, Ita Buttrose, Kath and Kim or Steve Irwin and it’s just not the same amazing country," she said.

Jimmy Little and Olvia Newton-John get a mention. Image supplied.

Feiner's Aussie legends were released one at a time over 26 days on her Instagram account.

"The Fred Hollows Foundation particularly loved what I did, especially the illustration of Fred. I have partnered up with them and a portion of the profits of each poster will be donated to the Fred Hollows Foundation - an amazing charity that aims to help end avoidable blindness."

Aussie Legends Alphabet is available at

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