Dr Pimple Popper can't nail if she's extracting a blackhead or cyst. Turns out it's both.

Warning: this post contains graphic pimple popping related content and may be uncomfortable to watch for some readers. 

Oh goodie.

Dr Pimple Popper has found herself a ‘never-ending’ cyst.

Yep, it’s just like that kid’s fantasy movie from the 1980s but instead of a boy riding a giant mythical dog, it’s a huge blackhead riding a massive cyst.

When Dr Pimple Popper first starts her, erm, pimple popping in the video, she can’t quite figure out whether she’s dealing with a regular dilated pore of Winer (a big ole’ blackhead) or a cyst. But then she discovers it’s… it’s… both.

Fun! It’s just like the Monday night two-for-one schnitzel at your local pub bistro. Except pus… lots and lots of pus.

never-ending cyst
Goo. Image via YouTube.

The rest of the video involves Dr Lee removing some pus... then some more pus... then some more pus.


Getting all the goo out is a lil' bit of a struggle for Dr Pimple Popper as the cyst has been growing on the patient for about 10 years and it's become quite attached - kind of like a pet but made out of a thick, yellow pus.

Once all of the cyst is removed, Dr Lee refers to the gaping hole left on her patient's back as his "change purse". She then stitches it up and let's never utter the phrase "change purse" again pls.

never-ending cyst
The "change-purse". Image via YouTube.

The patient has no interest in seeing the goo that came out of him and we don't understand that at all - it was your pet for 10 years, buddy.

You can watch the full video here (if you're into that kind of thing and you are, ya dirtbags):