The new pregnancy guessing games taking over the Internet.

Baby guessing games used to just be for embarrassing ourselves at baby showers. Not any more.

Not satisfied with the participation of their nearest and dearest, a new generation of expectant women are posting their ultrasound and baby bumps online and asking the world to guess the sex of their future baby and how far along they are.

How fun!

Mums like this one, who captions: “How many weeks I am?”

And this one, who's posted her Ultrasound pic.

There is at least one entire website devoted to strangers guessing the gender of babies in ultrasound pictures. It comes with a disclaimer that:

Many people may respond with a gender prediction who do NOT have ultrasound experience. Even if someone says that your picture is "definitely" a boy or a girl, please remember this is not a professional opinion given during an examination.

Oh, really?

So next time you get an ultrasound done, make sure to post the pictures online, because nothing is more fun than millions of strangers staring at your insides, closely searching for itty bitty private parts. You know it.

Would you do this? Can you see the attraction of getting the world involved in your baby-shower style guessing games?

When it comes to baby showers, some things SHOULD be shared online, like these horrifically confronting baby shower cakes. Because cake makes it okay. CLICK THROUGH. 

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