There are only three Netflix shows you need to watch in November.

Hello fellow bingers, it is our favourite time of the month once again.

The start of the new month marks the drop of several new TV shows and movies on our beloved Netflix, and we’ve decided to make the process of deciding what to watch a little easier for you.

We’ve cut through all the clutter and found the only three TV shows you will need to watch this month.

The Sinner Season 2.

The first season of this show, which starred Jessica Biel, had everyone completely hooked. A woman had a flash of supposed insanity and stabbed a guy to death in public. We were engrossed in the show’s concept of why did it occurred instead of ‘whodunit’.

And the new season is no different.

Our favourite (and intriguingly bizarre) detective Harry Ambrose is back to solve another why case in his hometown of New York. Except this time, he’s investigating a double murder.

A double murder of two parents committed by their 13-year-old child.

You can stream The Sinner season two from November 9 on Netflix. You can also watch the first season on Netflix now.

The Sinner, Season 2. (Image: Netflix)

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Video via USA network

House of Cards Season 6.

Only eight episodes long, the new season of Netflix original House of Cards sees Claire going through a power struggle as she tries to grapple with being the new President of the United States.

Her new position of power comes after Frank died off-screen between seasons, her new role sees her debate with American oligarchs and she is confronted with threats to her legacy.


Claire represents what maybe a lot of people would like to see today - the first female president of the United States.

You can now stream the new season of House of Cards now and watch all previous seasons on Netflix.

House Of Cards, Season 6. (Image: Netflix)

The Kominsky Method.

Powerhouse comedy producer Chuck Lorre - Two and A Half Man, The Big Bang Theory - tried something out of his comfort zone for this Netflix TV show.

Michael Douglas stars in the series as a briefly successful actor turned revered Hollywood acting coach, while Alan Arkin's character has to deal with a daughter who has substance abuse problems. 

Like many other Chuck Lorre series, there are several Hollywood guest roles, from actors such as Danny DeVito and Lisa Edelstein.

The Kominsky Method drops on Netflix on November 16. 

The Kominsky Method. (Image: Netflix)