Aha! The best drama on Netflix has been revealed and it features Oprah Winfrey.

Raise your hand if you watch too much TV?

If your shoulder is stuffed from lying on your side facing your laptop for hours at a time, we’ll accept a nod.

For those in denial, the Netflix powers that be have released data that says otherwise. And according to the streaming service, there’s one show we devoured quicker than all the rest.

Not The Sinner. Or 13 Reasons Why, or even Stranger Things.

LISTEN: The Binge hosts explain how Greenleaf became the best and most watched drama on Netflix. 

The Netflix original produced by Oprah Winfrey – who also stars in the show -follows the Greenleaf family and their family-run megachurch in America’s south that isn’t as holy as it seems.

Nope, Greenleaf is the show Australians spent most of their time watching in 2017.

When Grace Greenleaf, the estranged daughter of the church’s head, Bishop James Greenleaf returns home after 20 years of not speaking to her family, the lies upon which the church is built start to unravel.

Think of it like a religious version of Dynasty, full of family drama, scandal and backstabbing. There’s the golden child returning home, a mysterious death, cover ups, sham marriages, family rivalry, rebellious teens and forbidden romance.

Did we mention Oprah’s in it? She’s also the kick arse black sheep of the family who, while everyone one else is off at church, is busy running her bar. Yep, she’s as awesome as she sounds.

So if you’re in need of something to fill the black hole left behind from all our favourite shows wrapping up for the year, cancel your plans and indulge in not one, but two seasons of Greenleaf on Netflix now.

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