How Netflix’s ‘Dogs’ sheds light on the forgotten victims of the Syrian crisis.

Netflix’s ‘Dogs‘ documentary series is here and it’s moving viewers to tears across the world.

From a Labrador called Ice who travels with his fisherman owner Alessandro to the story of a young girl with epilepsy as she meets her new service dog, Dogs follows six heartwarming stories from countries all across the world, including the United States, Italy, Syria, Costa Rica and Japan.

But there’s one story featured that’s particularly heart wrenching.

The story of Syrian refugee Ayhem, and his loyal companion Zeus.

Check out the trailer for Dogs below.

In the second episode of the series, a man named Ayham watches a video of the home he left behind – war-torn Damascus, Syria.

With the sound of gunshots in the distance, Siberian Husky Zeus emerges from behind a wall.

Two years ago, Ayham escaped Syria. But he had to leave his beloved best friend Zeus behind.

“I knew I was going to be drafted into the army. And whenever there’s someone requested in the army, they just take him,” Ayham explained.

“It was my only option to leave my country.”

Ayham was granted asylum in Berlin, Germany. But although this granted him safety and security, the one thing holding him back from happiness was the loss of Zeus.

netflix dogs
When Ayham left Syria, Zeus had to be left behind.

Eventually, Ayham found animal rescue organisation Animals Syria, who work to protect and rescue animals in Syria and after some tedious planning and some tearful farewells, Zeus was on his way to Berlin.

As Zeus and his rescuers make their way towards Ayham, the conversations between the men sent a heavy message.

"I want to be a dog and come to you," one of the men tells Ayham over the phone.

"They will put me in a cage, and I'll come to you."

After a long journey, Zeus and Ayham were reunited at a Berlin airport and Ayham's life was complete again.

netflix dogs
"You can't imagine how happy I am."

Zeus' story is not unique.

Long-standing conflict in Syria has forced millions to abandon their homes, thus leading to the abandonment of thousands of family pets.

While some pets were simply abandoned or left behind, others have been caught in the crossfire or even ordered destroyed.

And as the conflict carries on, there's no doubt animals are some of the many forgotten victims of the Syrian crisis.

Dogs premiered on Netflix on Friday November 16.