When someone binge-watched all 'The Office' in just a week, Netflix intervened in a moving way.

We’ve all been there. Binge-watching Netflix, the shades drawn, all the lights off, huddled beneath a doona and hiding from the world.

It’s moments where sunshine and fresh air feel unbearably hopeful. And we allow ourselves to enter into a spiral of Sex and The City, or Stranger Things or The Crown because we need a temporary escape from real life. But sometimes, this behaviour escalates, and it can point to something much more serious.

That’s exactly what happened to one Reddit user who watched The Office almost non-stop for an entire week while grappling with depression. And, much to his surprise, Netflix noticed and did something most people crave in such a moment: asking simply, “are you okay?”

“One summer I was going through an episode of depression and I wasn’t working as I was on break from college and waiting until I moved back to my college town to start again,” a Reddit user who goes by the handle King_Salamander posted to the forum, Daily Mail reports.

“I ended up doing nothing but watching Netflix, and after I finished The Office in something like five to 10 days, I don’t quite remember, I received an email from Netflix asking if I was okay.

“Honestly made me feel better just knowing that someone, even a stranger working at a customer support agency, cared about my mental health.”

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The man’s post comes after Netflix was criticised for publicly sharing the watching habits of individual viewers.

In their yearly round-up for 2017, Netflix revealed the most popular shows of the year. The ones we watched the fastest (American Vandal; Three per cent; 13 Reasons Why); the ones we ‘savoured’ (The Crown; Big Mouth; Neo Yokio); and the ones that brought us together (Stranger Things; 13 Reasons Why; A Series of Unfortunate Events).

They also – in their report as well as on social media – singled out certain viewers who showed “unusual” taste.

“We’re still scratching our heads about, the person who watched Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl 365 days in a row (streamin’ me timbers?),” their press release reads.


And then, via Twitter, this somewhat inappropriate assumption:

Despite this, the good news story posted by this Reddit user shows us one thing:

Behind the fun-poking and data crunching. Somone, somewhere in the depths of Netflix’ monstrous organisation, actually cares.

And, the next time you need to draw the shades, snuggle under the blanket and stream a particular show for days at a time, rest easy knowing Netflix might gently nudge you when it’s time to come up for fresh air.

Let this also be a reminder to check in on your loved ones, and ask: Are you okay?

If you’re struggling with your mental health and need help, Mamamia urges you to call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or BeyondBlue on 1300 22 4636.