There's one question we need to be asking about Australia's big netball loss.

If Australia’s abysmal Ashes performance taught us anything, it’s that when professional sports people lose, it’s usually the fault of their partners.

The Aussie Diamonds unexpected loss to the New Zealand Ferns in the Netball World Cup has been a “good reality check” for the team, according to captain Laura Geitz… but it has everyone looking for answers.

Just who is really to blame for the disappointing five-goal defeat that has ended our girls’ 21 game winning streak?

Do we blame the players?

Their opponents?

I don’t think so.

Coach Lisa Alexander pointed to a number of uncharacteristic errors made by her side at Allphones Arena on Sunday, which she put down to nervousness, but I think it’s pretty clear that there is someone else at fault here.


Or rather, Husbands And Boyfriends. (Not familiar with the acronym? THAT’S BECAUSE I JUST HAD TO INVENT IT).

How can you be expected to focus with your partner cheering you on?

Earlier this week Australian sporting fans watched on as our cricketers suffered a calamitous loss in the Ashes series only to learn that Michael Clarke and his boys never stood a chance because of one thing:


“All their partners are here and some of the most respected cricketers I played with hated that distraction,” former cricketing great Ian Healy said during is commentary of the fourth Test.

He said that back in his day WAGs (acronym for wives and girlfriends) weren’t allowed to accompany their partners on tour until after the series had been won. For obvious reasons (like I said women, duh.)

“Your mind needs to be completely focused on it. Cricket is a sport that requires complete concentration. You need everything going for you and I’m not sure they’re pushing for that hard enough.” Healy said.

But wait just one second, surely the same rule can then be extended to any professional sport, right? How can our netballers continue to be THE BEST IN THE WORLD if their partners are allowed to be there destroying their concentration?

Just imagine trying to shoot for goal only to have your leggy hubby waving his support all up in your face from the other side of the circle.


Imagine having dedicated your whole life to mastering a sport only to rise to the highest rung of professional competition and have your chances DESTROYED by having your significant other cheering you on from the crowd like an absolute fucking a**hole.

Alexander seems confident that her team can recover from the defeat — after all they put in strong performances against Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados.

I’m inclined to agree with her, but let’s just hope their partners stand up and give them the support they deserve by staying at home with the kids.

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