The very controversial netball move that changes everything.

Not since ‘the pivot’ was introduced has one move changed the face of Netball this much.

A game-changing Netball move has recently been captured on film and is now going viral.

It’s controversial. It’s effective. And it’s shaking up the world of netball and everyone within it.

The move in question was created by Netball team Frankston Bombers, and involves one person getting onto the back of another in order to defend the ball.

Not only is it legal, but it is also a figurative and literal game-changer. And it’s so, so beautiful to watch.

Video via hocking53

Speaking to ABC, Tahlia Hartskeerl explained that her teammate Jen Simmons was the one featured jumping onto the back of Maddy Zach in order to defend the ball.

What made them decide to experiment with this groundbreaking move?

“The girls just decided, let’s have a bit of fun,” she said simply.

The move is at this point still legal, and is most likely coming soon to a court near you.

You’ve been warned, shooters.