Pregnant Teresa Palmer furious after being rejected from three shops for a simple request.

Being pregnant means lots of new things: morning sickness, irrational food cravings, and perhaps slight moodiness.

But, there’s also one big extra thing you have to add to the list: when you gotta go to the bathroom, you gotta go.

There’s no holding on and just waiting to get home; it’s a must.

Over the week, actress Teresa Palmer experienced this exact urgency to pee, as she explained in her vlog.

“Another thing that’s happened this week, which is a little different from previous weeks, is that desperate-need-to-pee thing,” she said. “So, I’ve been peeing so much more.”

Unfortunately, when there’s a baby sitting inside you, there’s no time for diddly-dallying around the toilet.

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“When I need to pee, I need to pee. So, today when I was in Glenelg in Adelaide, we were doing a bit of shopping – all of a sudden, the urge came. And, I was like, I NEED TO PEE.”

After that, Palmer was on a mission to find somewhere to finally go.

Across Glenelg, she went from shop to shop begging shop owners to let her pee.

“I went to three different shops and they could definitely tell I’m pregnant and I asked to use the bathroom. They were like, ‘No, the bathrooms not for customers.

“I was like, ‘Pleeease, because I have a baby sitting on my bladder. I’m desperate.’ They said, ‘Mmm, sorry. Store policy’.”


The 30-year-old then went on to have a mini-vent (and rightly so) about the disregard for pregnant women and their NEED to pee.

"Like, if you know, they're pregnant (and we're quite obviously pregnant), it's not like we have a lot of time, before we're going to pee our pants."

Thankfully, there was a very kind soul out there who finally let Palmer use the bathroom.

"This lovely man in a taco place was like, 'Of course! Oh my gosh! My wife just gave birth and I know exactly what you're going through."

Thank you to Taco Man for seeing sense in the world.

Just let the ladies pee.

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