Why we all need that one 'mum' friend.

Sometimes we don’t even realise they are the one.

When I first became a mum it was a scary time. I was young and I was the first of my friends to have a baby.

At the time I figured I’d be fine. I had my partner and our families and we had lots of support from our friend groups but there was only so much boob talk and baby milestones my baby-less friends could take.

I joined a mother’s group quite early on. I was never going to cope as a home body and I knew I needed to get out.

I first went to a mother’s group when my baby was 2 weeks old. It wasn’t long before Tuesday mornings became my sanity support group days.

For the first year we met religiously for coffee, catch-ups and much needed adult discussions in a blur of sleepless nights and months of teething.

And I quickly became close friends with one woman.

Her daughter, who was just a few weeks older than my son, was simply adorable and we soon joked about their future wedding over what, unbeknownst to us, would be come regular cuppa and catch-ups mornings.

"It wasn't long before we joked about their wedding."

When I’d had my son I never thought about how I could cope or who I would go to when I had a problem. I never imagined that someone I met after I had my baby would end up filling that role.

It’s not until you look back on things you realise how important it is to have that one mum friend.

The friend that’s going through what you are. The friend who won’t mind an 11pm message asking about colic or a nappy brand.

The friend, who, without you even realising, is beside you on your journey of parenthood and coming along for every twist and turn this new roller coaster of life can throw at you.


And it wasn’t until my friend told me she was moving away that I realised just how much a part of my life she had actually been for the past 7 years.

From the first step to the first day of school and everything in between including the moment we both became parents for a second time.

For sevens years, I’ve had that one mum friend. The one I can turn to with every stupid baby related question you can think of. The one who doesn’t judge me for my choices. The one who loves my children as her own.

As I waved goodbye to her family last week, a family I love as my own, I couldn’t hold the tears in.

She’s off to a new state, a new life and new adventures for her family.

Despite the geographical distance that will now be between us I will always hold her dear.

There are so many people that can support new mothers but the importance of a close ‘mum’ friend is undeniable.

We’ve all got one.

She’s the one you didn’t realise you needed but you now can’t live without.

The one who has gotten you through.

Who is your one 'mum' friend? What experiences have you shared together?

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