Apps to keep your kids entertained (and quiet).

If you are sick of your child grabbing your phone and instagraming themselves, here are some age-appropriate apps for them.

Most kids are playing with an smartphone or an tablet or something like it these days. Most likely it is yours…or should we say WAS yours.

Your eldest is asking you whether they can buy the 1,000th app that does something completely different from the other 999 apps they have asked to purchase. And you are asking your 3 year old what they did to your iPhone and how to change it back so that you can actually use it.

But let’s also admit that we secretly love apps. Not only do they amuse the kids (and keep them quiet), they are also sometimes fun to play yourself (when you get 5 minutes to).

So, we found some of the most popular apps that kids of all ages will love (and keep them entertained). Between the fun ones and the learning ones and even the sneaky ones you buy for your kids but secretly play in the bathroom when your kids haven’t tracked you down.

CLICK THROUGH the gallery to see the 9 apps your kids (and you) will love:

What is your kid’s favourite app?

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Toddler demanding your constant attention? Set them up with one of these.

Is it normal that… I don’t let my kids do ANY after school activities?