'Sometimes I felt like I was only a tit': Glee star Naya Rivera shares her breastfeeding struggles.

First time mum and Glee alumni Naya Rivera has revealed the challenges she has faced with breastfeeding since the birth of her son Josey.

The 28-year-old wrote candidly that before becoming a mum, she was completely in the dark about what breastfeeding really involved.

“I got a lot of advice on everything from birthing to newborn care to nutrition, but no one ever really broke it down to me when it came to breastfeeding. Bottom line, it’s hard! Breastfeeding is like finding out that all of a sudden you can get bacon from your elbow,” admitted Rivera in a blog for



Naya married actor Ryan Dorsey, 32, in July last year and the couple welcomed their son in September.

The Hollywood star has opened up with refreshing honesty that so many mums will relate to.

“One minute there’s nothing going on with your perfectly perky boobs and the next a nurse is rolling yellow stuff out of your nipple and putting it in your baby’s mouth,” Rivera noted.


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It hasn’t all been bad though – the actress wrote tenderly of the incomparable connection between mother and child and of the benefits of breastfeeding.


“The bond between a mother and baby when you’re breastfeeding is incredible and something no one else shares with your baby,” she wrote.   

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Rivera added, “There’s also something amazing about the fact that you are sustaining a human life solely with your body. The benefits of breast milk for babies far outweigh the negative side effects for Mom.”

The new mum summed it up perfectly:

“At the end of the day, when Josey smiles at us, it’s all worth it.”

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