This Adelaide hairdresser's sign has created a lot of grumpy parents.

It’s this sign that’s causing parents to scream:


The owners of Jaggered Edge Salon in Adelaide have made parents seriously angry after they put a sign in their front window threatening to charge more if a junior client is difficult.

That’s right, if your 6-year-old gets a bit uppity at the sign of scissors near their scalp, then that trip to the kiddie barber could be charged at a premium rate.

Parents of special-needs children have taken to Facebook to voice their disgust, saying that the rule unfairly discriminates against children with disabilities. But the salon says it didn’t mean to offend children who suffer from conditions like autism and were simply trying to deal with the fact that serial brats and parents who force stupid haircuts on their kids are costing a whole of of money.

The salon posted the following message on their Facebook page:

“… This sign is not aimed at special needs children at all. It is so nerve racking, scary and overwhelming almost sickening for the stylist trying to cut a screaming kids hair. You almost feel sick to the stomach that the child is going to move and you are going to clip their ear or cut their skin.

We have a lot of parents that expect us to take the risk of ‘just doing it quickly’ … When we are put in that position and its takes 30 – 45 mins then yes I’m sorry we are going to have to charge a little extra. I would people to try and understand this sign from a hairdressers point of view. We most certainly did not aim to discriminate or offend anyone. Thank you”. 

Since then, the salon’s post has attracted 264 likes and comments from a range of parents and hairdressers.

Greg wrote,  “If you are “so offended ” by the sign, don’t go there! But if, like me, you understand that cutting hair isn’t easy at the best of times, then surely it is reasonable to accept a small increase in fee if your kid is being difficult …”

But Brooke wrote,  “I do not like the sign I think it is rude every child is different what kind of a world do we live in we’re we charge for crying children. I feel you are just trying to justify your stupid sign you are a professional hairdresser who can’t cut a kids hair???”

The sign was removed on Sunday.

What do you think of the sign? Do you think it’s fair enough that disruptive children are charged more for a haircut? Do you think the sign was discriminatory?