"One thing I still don’t know much about is hair".

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I mentioned at the start of this Natural Instinct series that I am shameless when it comes to asking nosy questions about other people’s beauty routines.

As a result, I feel like I’ve become a bit of a skin expert in the past few months.

But one thing I still don’t know much about is hair. My bathroom cabinet is full of products that I buy optimistically in the hope I will somehow learn to use them which I never do. That’s why I thought I should talk to someone who knows more than I do. I didn’t have to look far.

Lizzie Marton is our resident hair chameleon at The Glow who likes a hair change as much as me.

Today, I pick her brain about all things health and hair.

Q: Lizzie. You have glorious hair. Tell me exactly what you do with it each day.

Oh stop it! But I do take care of it, so thank you for noticing. In the morning I am usually in a terrible rush, so my routine needs to be quick and simple. I like to play around with styles – if I want more volume I will use a sea salt spray, and a good quality hair spray, if I want it straight, I usually just put a smoothing product in the ends so it stays hydrated and sleek.

I don’t like to use too much though, and nothing with too many chemicals in it — anything with elderflower in it is fabulous. It’s a potent antioxidant high in Vitamins A and C, making it really nourishing. I keep dry shampoo in my desk for when I need to freshen up my locks throughout the day. At night I usually just wash it if I need to, and once a week I will use a treatment.

Q: Is there a hair care product that you avoid?

For me, it is anything with too many chemicals in it that will strip your hair of its natural oils. I think it’s important to let our hair regulate itself with natural oils as much as possible. Plus anything that smells too overpowering.


Q: I wash my hair every day. How often do you wash yours?

I have normal hair – so in winter I wash it every two to three days with a natural product. It is all about paying attention to what kind of hair you have and what it needs. In summer, when I swim more often, I wash it more often. I just try to keep it simple and not over wash it – because then I find it becomes too dry.

Q: How often have you had it dyed? Are you worried about how that can change the texture and make it harder to style?

Great question. I usually dye my hair around every three months. I get six-month-dye (you can read about that on The Glow) so the regrowth isn’t as noticeable. I find that if I look after my hair after dying it by using natural treatments, it is healthy and shiny. I just don’t overcomplicate things – keep it simple. I love a little colour to mix things up, but it’s all about maintaining the care afterwards that is important.

natural hair care
Lizzie’s most recent hair style. Image: Supplied.

Q: I know you recently went from dark brown to bronde. Bronde! I love that word. What do you do to prevent splitting and dry ends now that it’s bleached?

I use a protective product in my ends pretty much every day. I usually use natural oils, like jojoba oil, which is really great for nourishing your hair. But that being said, getting my hair cut every six to eight weeks is the best way to prevent split ends!

Q: Where do you stand on treatments? Do you have a stand on treatments?

I am all about the treatments. I love treatments that put the nourishment back into my hair, especially after I have dyed it. You can get really great natural-oil-based treatments. They will leave your hair feeling a million dollars if it is looking a little dry or flat. They offer an instant pick me up.

natural hair care
“I use a protective product in my ends pretty much every day. I usually use natural oils, like jojoba oil, which is really great for nourishing your hair.” Image: Supplied.

Q: What’s your favourite home hair treatment?

I can’t go past coconut oil. It is such a simple, natural treatment, and will leave your hair feeling like you have just stepped out of the salon, there is nothing better. I leave it on overnight, and wash normally in the morning. It’s rich in fatty acids, so it will nourish your hair and scalp.

Q: Do you believe what you put in your body impacts your hair?

Yes, absolutely. I remember I went through a really stressful time a couple of years ago, I was eating really poorly and not really looking after myself, and my hair would fall out in clumps, it became really thin and it was awful. Since then, I have become a huge believer in the saying, you are what you eat. And yes, while it may be a cliché, if I am looking after myself, and eating lots of fruits, veggies, protein and foods with omega 3, my hair will be strong and shiny.

Q: I’ve pretty much stopped using tools on my hair. What styling tools do you use every day?

If I am curling my hair I use my straightener to do that – but that is only about once a week. Other than that – the simple hairbrush is probably my only styling tool I use daily.

Q: Desert island hair care product. Go.

If I could only use one product for the rest of my life it would have to be dry shampoo, of course. It is a hair saver, especially when I am travelling.


How do you keep your hair healthy?

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