The genius natural baby wipe hack thousands of mums are trying.

When a Melbourne mum shared her homemade baby wipe hack on Facebook she had no idea it would be so popular.

The video shows Joy Ratima making baby wipes out of paper towel, coconut oil and natural body wash, and it has been viewed over 2.2 million times and shared by over 20,000 Facebook users.

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In the original post Joy writes that she decided to make her own baby wipes as the store bought versions have a “huge list of chemicals in them” and that she wanted something more natural to wipe her baby’s bum with.

Joy admits that she felt like an “egg” filming the video, but decided to do it to help other mothers because it “takes less than 5 mins to do and is cheaper than buying wipes too”.

The video shows Joy cutting a roll of paper towel in half, before placing the halves in plastic containers and covering them with a combination of coconut oil, natural body wash and boiling water.

Other mums, grandmothers and mother-in-laws have loved Joy’s baby wipe recipe, with many of them leaving comments on the post thanking her for the clever little hack.

“I think your baby wipes idea is fantastic and my daughter in law has two boys under 2 and they go through a huge amount of wipes so I’m going to try this for her. Thanks!” wrote one person.

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“My grand daughter has just had her first baby…who is 2 weeks old today…I’m going to make up a couple of containers for her over the weekend…So much nicer on baby’s precious bum…Thanks sweetie,” added another.

The original post was hugely popular with Joy’s own friends so she decided to create a Facebook page called Mama Joy at Home, to share the video and other helpful hints with new mums.