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Dr Roebuck's
Thanks to our brand partner, Dr Roebuck's

When you find a really, really good thing, the temptation can be to keep it to yourself. Fortunately for anyone around the world with sensitive skin, twin sisters Zoe and Kim Roebuck were not so selfish.

The pair suffered from eczema and problematic skin when they were younger, so in 1978 their physician parents David and Shannon put their skills to good use and created a natural and effective treatment for their daughters to use. It worked wonders.

The cream was produced at a local pharmacy with plenty stashed at home for personal use but no-one really thought anything beyond that, until a chance encounter.

Some years later, the twins took five pots of the solution on a ski trip with friends. They couldn’t get enough.

It became clear very quickly there was a big demand for such a product, so the pair took over the reins and commercialised their parents’ creation.

Fast forward to 2017, and the family secret is now known as Dr Roebuck’s PURE, a cult product stocked locally in David Jones that anyone can get their hands on.

Finally got my hands on this cult product. Image: Brittany Stewart

And they should.

As someone who is slowly paying more and more attention to the stuff that goes into the products I mindlessly slather all over my face and body, Dr Roebuck's is an obvious choice. With an ethos of minimal ingredients and maximum results, the natural and Australian made products put your skin first, containing only the quality ingredients it really needs.

Free from BPA, parabens, harmful fillers and chemicals and not tested on animals, Dr Roebuck's offers clean beauty that looks just as good on your skin as it feels on your conscience.

Encased in natural but sleek-looking packaging (that would very much look at home in your Instagram flatlay or shelfie, FYI) the range still manages to feel luxurious.


The hero product from the brand, PURE, is a firm favourite and has now earned a coveted position as a product in my skincare regimen I use daily without fail (When it comes to choosing between completing my full routine or an extra 10 minutes sleep, sleep wins every time, so this is a big deal).

It's the beauty equivalent of all the other healthy habits you have, whether it's going for a run in the morning or your daily green smoothie - only you don't have to wake up early or eat kale.

The moisturising day and night cream is rich without feeling heavy - in fact it feels incredibly light on the skin -  and hydrating without feeling gluggy (my pet hate).

A little goes a long way, and skin feels soft yet not sticky after use. Applying morning and night to my skin before applying my makeup is making a noticeable difference to my dehydrated/dry combo skin, as well as creating a smooth base for foundation.

It's great at prepping skin for makeup. Image: Brittany Stewart

It's without perfume unlike many products these days which harks back to the brand's ethos about only putting in what's really needed. It's a small detail that I'm very much appreciating.

The cult active skincare range has expanded to offer more than a cream, with cleansers, exfoliating scrubs, wipes, anti-ageing creams and all-over-body moisturisers, including a bub-friendly one.

I've found myself picking up their Natural Barrier Lip Balm on the regular, largely because it gives the kick of hydration my lips so desperately need but also partly because the peppermint oil makes me think I am eating chocolate mint ice cream. Delicious.

Deskside essentials. Image: Brittany Stewart

While it's Australian born and bred, Dr Roebuck's has also earned crowds of fans in the US, Canada and the UK.

Stocked in over 1000 stores internationally, you'll find it in the halls of Sephora, Selfridges and closer to home David Jones.

So while it's tempting to keep this new skincare discovery a secret for myself, I'm following in the Roebuck sisters' footsteps and sharing it with you.

For a tried and tested, all-natural active skincare range that is quite literally recommended by doctors, this is one clean beauty brand you can trust to do what it says on the (very stylish looking) tin.

Have you tried Dr Roebuck's products yet? Tell us your thoughts below.

This content was created with thanks to our brand partner Dr Roebuck’s.

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