Nathan Foley entertained kids for a decade. In 2008, he decided to walk away from Hi-5.

Prepare to feel approximately a thousand years old.

It’s been 11 whole years since Nathan Foley appeared on Hi-5, strumming his guitar in insanely bright coordinated outfits.

On Monday night, the former children’s musical group member is set to return to our screens as a contestant on The Voice Australia 2019, and we can’t imagine he’ll be singing about happy monsters or remembering to wash your hands after you’ve been to the toilet.

Watch his audition for The Voice below. Post continues after video.

So what has Nathan, now 39, been up to over the past decade?

A member of the original Hi-5 lineup from 1999 to 2008, Nathan recently discussed his departure from the popular children’s program with New Idea.

“It was a beautiful, beautiful job,” he told the publication, revealing he was just 18 when he first signed on.

“I left Hi-5 because I just felt like it was my time. Ten years I put in – I put in all the hard yards.

“I got to the point where I was just like, you know what, I kind of missed doing my solo shows and having control of my own destiny.”



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Throwback .. Meeting Hugh Jackman. I was filming my last series of Hi-5 at fox studios in Sydney while he was filming the movie “Australia” next door. I was outside our studio learning my lines when he came past on his electric scooter to say hello. He said “Hi Nathan, how are you? im a big fan, “what are you reading there”. I gave him my script and he said it was a lot to learn. I stood there in disbelief for a moment but he was such a down to earth cool bloke. He asked if he, his wife and Baz Luhrmann could come by to watch us film. Ofcoarse I said yes! 1 week later they all came by to watch us film. It’s a great thing to meet such a superstar that is grounded and humble. A great memory. #hughjackman #nathanfoley #instapic #instagood #love #passion #instagram #instalike #instadaily #travel #travelphotography #picoftheday #pictureoftheday #singer #musician #photographer #photography #gopro #insta #instagramers #hollywood #hi-5

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Since leaving Hi-5, he has spent most of his time working as a cruise ship entertainer, even scoring Princess Cruises’ Entertainer of the Year in 2016.

The years have also been dotted with musical theatre stints, in productions of Jerry Springer the OperaGrease on the Beach, Acoustic Rhythms and Mamma Mia!

He briefly returned to TV in 2012, appearing on Channel 10’s I Will Survive, a competition hosted by Hugh Sheridan in search for a new talent to perform in the Broadway production of the musical Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.


Recalling his stint on the reality series, Nathan told New Idea: “When I did I Will Survive, there was a bit of backlash [with people] saying, ‘Why is he doing this show? He’s loaded, he doesn’t need money’.”

But after leaving Hi-5work – and a steady paycheck – weren’t so easy to come by.

“But honestly, when you think about it… Hi-5 to the Wiggles, we were very different entities. The Wiggles owned their product, we were employees of Hi-5, so even though we were the front of it, they looked after us, but we weren’t the owners, so as soon as you finish, you don’t get paid anymore,” he explained.

Outside of music, Nathan is now married, tying the knot with Jamaican model and fashion designer, Nicolette Gomex, last year.

“I really wasn’t expecting to find someone,” Nathan told New Idea in February.

Like something ripped straight from the script of a rom-com, it was the perfect meet-cute story, with the two striking up a romance after Nathan asked her for directions in Jamaica.

“It just happened at that moment in my life, the right person turned up. I’m not one of those lovey-dovey guys, I’m pretty shy talking about relationships,” he added.

“But honestly, it’s been a true love story – although it took me 39 years to get there!”


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Mr and Mrs Foley ???????????????? #married #love #instapic #instagood #instalike #picoftheday #pictureoftheday #wedding #hubby #wifey

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The newlyweds currently live on the NSW Central Coast.

On making his career comeback on The Voice, the singer revealed he had some “fears”, especially following the backlash he received from I Will Survive.

But in taking the blind audition stage tonight, Nathan has high hopes The Voice will see him return to work in the music industry.

“Still gotta pay the bills,” he joked.

The Voice airs tonight on Channel Nine from 7.30pm.