The cruel Christmas card request that was asked of Natalie Joyce after her marriage ended.

In December Natalie Joyce knew her marriage was over.

To her devastation, her husband Barnaby’s affair with his former staffer Vikki Campion ended their 24 years of matrimony. The Deputy Prime Minister even told Parliament House in Canberra the pair had separated, neglecting to mention that his new partner was now pregnant.

And yet in an absurd request from her estranged husband‘s office, Natalie was asked to play happy families and approve a Christmas card featuring her and her four daughters alongside their father.

This is according to Sydney radio 2GB drive presenter Ben Fordham, who says the news came to him from someone he trusted.

“I have been told by a trustworthy source that in December last year Barnaby Joyce’s office drafted a Christmas card to be sent out to the Deputy PM’s friends and colleagues,” he told listeners on Tuesday.


“On the front of the Christmas card was a photo of Barnaby, his wife Natalie and their four children all smiling.”

Fordham said Natalie had some choice words for the office upon seeing the card.

“Before the card was sent out, Barnaby Joyce’s office consulted with wife Natalie to see if she approved of the design and she told them they had to be kidding themselves.

“Mrs Joyce told Barnaby’s office where they could stick the Christmas card.”

This is yet to be confirmed by the National Party leader’s office.

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Natalie Joyce has spoken about the pain the affair and marriage breakdown caused her.

“This situation is devastating on many fronts,” she said, in a statement published by The Australian.

“For my girls who are affected by the family breakdown and for me as a wife of 24 years, who placed my own career on hold to support Barnaby through his political life.

“We also feel deceived and hurt by the actions of Barnaby and the staff member involved.”

Barnaby meanwhile has apologised to his family for the way the outing of his new partner’s pregnancy forced their personal lives onto the national agenda.

“On another issue I would like to say to Natalie how deeply sorry I am for all the hurt this has caused, to my girls how deeply sorry I am for all the hurt this has caused them, to Vikki how sorry I am she has been dragged into this.”