Natalie Bassingthwaighte just told us her secret to a brilliant relationship.


Celebs aren’t exactly known for having secure, brilliant, long-term relationships.

From Gwen and Gavin to the Bennifer split of 2015, it’s a tough ol’ world out there for the beautiful people.

But every so often you hear the good stories. A glimmer of hope amongst the glitterati.

Enter TV host, actress and entrepreneur with a kids’ clothing line, Natalie Bassingthwaighte.  Because the married mother of two has told us some relationship advice that is ringing in our ears.

It’s sage, wise, and very very beautiful. Pinterest-worthy, even.

And it’s restored our hope.

Hear Natalie talk about her relationship with husband Cameron on I Don’t Know How She Does It. Post continues after audio.

Married to her long-time partner Cameron McGlinchey, the mother-of-two says there was one key thing she did that has resulted in their successful relationship.

“From very early on, he and I had all of these life discussions. Not necessarily whose going to do the dishes…I think that put us in such a great place to know our boundaries, and also our feelings and emotions, and also our passions.” she explains to Holly Wainwright.

She said from early days they discussed things like what their morals were. Their spirituality. Whether or not they each wanted their future children to be religious. The BIG questions.

“We’re not particularly religious, but we don’t want to make our kids not believe in religion, we want them to have choice, and to be really open about all the cultures that are out there, and religions and for them to make their own choices.” she explains.

“I could tell from very early on that we were just on the same path as far as all of that goes, and I think that’s why we respect each other in our day to day life.”

She says that her songwriter and drummer husband Cameron, who she met while part of the hit band Rogue Traders, was the first guy she had properly discussed life choices with.

The former host of the X Factor was previously married at 23, to Sydney chef Graham Wilmott. It was a relationship that ended just two years later.

She says having the big conversations with Cameron early on cemented their relationship. And this clarity of knowing exactly what one another wanted for their shared future is reflected in their life now.


Hear Natalie's full I Don't Know How She Does It below and soak up her refreshingly down-to-earth approach to the chaos and juggle of family life, travel, and music and will leave you smiling...and possibly switching off the TV in the mornings and dancing it out instead.

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