Connie Britton's hair just got married. And it was glorious.

Just a warning: This post contains Nashville SPOILERS. If you don’t want to be spoiled, maybe don’t read, just glance at hair and leave. 

Can you hear that sound?

It’s the sound of a million women sighing. It’s the sound of a million hearts being glued back together. It’s the sound of the soothing twang of country music charming people who hate country music.

It’s coming from Connie Britton’s hair. Wait, I mean Connie Britton. Actually no, I mean Rayna James..


Remember: SPOILERS

Yes, love is real. Because after four seasons of hope, loss, heartbreak. A surprise daughter and a new liver. Rayna and Deacon, the tortured lovers of Nashville fame, finally got married.

We discuss the Nashville wedding a little on the latest episode of The Binge. Listen here:

With little to no drama. Okay that’s a lie. There was a bit of drama. It is NASHVILLE.

But we’re not here for that. We are here for the pictures.

rayna james wedding

And to see the hair. And the dress. But mainly the hair.

Connie’s hair Rayna was beautiful.

connie wedding


After a very stressful 24 hours Rayna, our feminist spirit animal and all-round awesome woman, walked herself down the aisle.

Deacon looked SO HAPPY.

Scarlett and Gunnar sang. And all their loved ones, like Maddie, Daphne, and Aunt Tandie, watched on:


The dress was described as ‘the dress you wear when you marry the love of your life’:

Image courtesy of ABC.

It was designed for Rayna to marry Deacon.  And it truly was magnificent:


And that kiss.

That is LOVE, people:


And then of course, they danced the night away.

And HOPEFULLY. They will live happily ever after. But, you know, it’s kind of unlikely.


Video via Nashville/ABC
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