Apparently thick, bushy eyebrows make you a narcissist.

Umm, so apparently having thick, bushy eyebrows makes you a narcissist. And not just your cute, run-of-the-mill type of narcissist - we're talking a BIG, LOUD, CAPS LOCKY, GRANDIOSE narcissist.  


"Wait, what?", "Who the hell said?!" We hear you cry, as you clutch your massive, albeit impeccably groomed brows in horror. 

Well, because science said so. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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A study confirmed these utterly confronting findings through research on hundreds of people, and the results were published in the Journal of PersonalitySee, we told you it's like, a fully legit thing.

Researchers came to the conclusion that "accurate judgements of grandiose narcissism particularly depend on a person’s eyebrows."

Apparently thick and dense eyebrows are a dead giveaway of characteristics such as "high self-esteem, interpersonal dominance and a tendency to overestimate one's capabilities." 

Basically, someone who is vain, entitled and superior.

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It turns out that the more distinctive your brows are (in terms of grooming and thickness) the more self-centred you are.

*Puts down brow pomade*

*Cancels brow laminating appointment*

Apparently this could be related to the fact that those with denser brows, or well-groomed brows, appear more distinctive and recognisable - a trait that would be desirable to a narcissist.

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"Narcissists love attention and admiration, and may maintain distinct eyebrows so that they are noticed, recognised, and remembered," said lead study author Miranda Giacomin, PhD. "This increases their likeability and maintains their overly positive self-views."

Anyone else feel like them and their Bart Cummings-worthy eyebrows are being personally attacked? Same.

To dull the pain of everything that just happened above, let's look at some of our favourite bushy-browed (allegedly) narcissistic celebs!

Peter Gallagher


The brows and Gallagher playing Sandy Cohen in The O.C. These face-framers remained thick, pronounced and luscious as hell throughout all four seasons.

Lily Collins

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Putting that Zoom ring light to good use...

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Narcissist? Lily Collins? Never!

Brooke Shields

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Met Gala themed family dinner ✨

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The O.G. of full, thick brows.

Cara Delevingne

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Selfie on film

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If you don't mention Cara Delevingne in a brow round-up, then you're doing it wrong. 

Eugene Levy


We love Schitt's Creek almost as much as we love Eugene Levy's brows. Almost. They even have their own hashtag because, the Internet.

Solange Knowles

Solange will help you get over the whole "you're totally self-centred" thing - because, good gracious, will you just look at those glorious brows?!

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