"My friend's ruined our 10-year friendship."

From the moment I met my best friend in high school, we just clicked.

It was like meeting someone you had known your whole life. We liked the same things, went through the same awkward phases and got the same daggy haircuts.

When we left school we shared many milestones together. Graduations, new jobs, new relationships, you name it, we had been there. We told each other everything and knew each other inside out.

We were inseparable.

But in the last year or so, things have changed completely.

We hardly see each other anymore. We are in little contact and when we do rarely find time to catch up, it’s incredibly different. Conversation is forced and it’s as though both of us can’t wait to leave. After months of assessing, dwelling and wondering, I think I’ve finally pinpointed the change.

My friend’s weight.

"After months of assessing, dwelling and wondering, I think I've finally pinpointed the change." (Image via iStock)

During our younger years she was a bit chubby. Nothing bad and nothing that most teens don't go through. During our early 20s her size fluctuated and she was quite open about despising it. Yet in the last year or so, she's gone on a complete health kick. Diet change, going to the gym, the whole lot.

In total, she's lost a lot of weight and she looks amazing. The problem is, she's now a completely different person. She constantly talks about the weight loss and the compliments she receives from people. Her ego has just gone completely through the roof.


She's more confident around men which she wasn't before. But from the stories she tells me, I fear they’re taking her for a ride. She never received much attention before and now that she’s getting it, let’s just say she’s very promiscuous.

"In total she's lost well of 20 kilograms and she looks amazing. The problem is, she's now a completely different person." (Image via iStock)

Her Facebook and Instagram are filled with selfies at the gym, pictures of her in new outfits and undercover gloating over her thinner frame. We've slowly been drifting apart for months and it's only recently I've come to the realisation that this is why.

She's changed her crowd of friends and when I talk to her, it’s as though I don’t know who she is anymore. It's all just me, me, me, me, me. All the time.

It’s made me question whether or not this is the real her and she’s more confident to show that side now that her body is where she wants it to be. Or whether the weight loss has just gotten to her head and eventually she’ll go back to normal.

I despise being around her now and don’t know if the whole situation is too far gone to even confront it. Even if I did, what would I say?

“Now that you’re skinny you're acting like a narcissistic b*tch,” doesn’t sound too promising. I don’t know if the friendship is worth trying to save anymore, or if I should just let it go.

What would you do if you were in this situation?

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