The 4 best products to buy from Napoleon Perdis before they're gone forever.

I have spent a significant portion of the last decade trying to find the perfect eyeliner and now that I have it’s about to be taken away from me. Forever.

On Thursday afternoon it was announced that Napoleon Perdis, which has 56 stores across Australia, has collapsed.

It’s expected stores will reopen once again tomorrow as sales begin.

Our very best eyeliner hack. Post continues below. 

The introduction of Sephora across Australia has been identified as one of the variables that impacted the company’s sales.

But before we mourn the loss of Napoleon, we must first buy. 

Here are the four best products we are ordering hundreds of. Immediately.

1. China Doll Gel Liner, $39

China Doll Gel Eyeliner.
China Doll Gel Eyeliner.

I've tried just about every liquid liner on the market, and China Doll, in my opinion, is the best available in the country.

The formula is clay-like and creamy, and goes on ridiculously smoothly.

I found other brands were either slightly transparent, meaning you had to reapply many layers to achieve a perfect black, or quite dry, meaning it wouldn't spread across your eyelid, and would eventually get a little... crusty.

But China Doll is heavily pigmented and glides on. It's smudge-proof (but... actually) and stays on all day or night.

2. Bronze Patrol, $48

Bronze Patrol.
Bronze Patrol.

Bronze Patrol is the only bronzer I've ever worn, because it isn't thick or cakey, but rather adds a brilliant metallic shimmer to your cheek bones.

The formula doesn't have any fallout, meaning you're not losing half the product in your sink as you apply it.

You can even put it on your eyelids for a shimmery pearlescent colour.

3. Loose Eye Dust, $35

Loose Eye Dust in Star Light.

I've been using Loose Eye Dust for 13 years and haven't found a product that compares.

Paying $35 for a single eye-shadow might seem steep, but it lasts forever and provides a gold that is at once shimmery/glittery and pigmented.

The gold in particular (Star Light) is bright and long-lasting, providing the perfect base to match with a brown or peach colour applied in the crease.

4. Devine Goddess Lipstick $38

Devine Goddess Lipstick.
Devine Goddess Lipstick.
The best red lipstick I've owned was the Aphrodite Deep Red Devine Goddess Lipstick, which has a blue undertone rather than yellow, meaning your teeth look whiter.

The formula is creamy and relatively thick, but doesn't smudge throughout the day or night. I've always found it to be long-lasting, even when you're eating and drinking.

Chances are, in the next few days, Napoleon will roll out some serious sales.

If some of these products look a bit expensive, then keep an eye out.

And then buy 100 of them.