Teacher Trish Antulov was working 14 hour days. Then her husband found her dead at her desk.

On February 11, 2018, Trish Antulov was found dead, slumped on her office desk.

She was a loving mother, a loyal wife, and a dedicated and hardworking school principal.

But after completing yet another long day in her demanding job, Trish died alone. She suffered a fatal heart attack as she sat her desk, desperately trying to get through her mounting workload.

Now Trish’s family want the Australian public to understand the toll our broken education system had on their loved one.

They’ve spoken to reporter Tom Steinfort for Sunday night’s edition of 60 Minutes.

60 Minutes investigates the affect NAPLAN has on teachers…

“I have done a lot of high-stress jobs in the military, but you are equipped to deal with that specific stress,” her son John tells 60 Minutes. 

“But I wouldn’t do (teaching). No way in the world.”

Steinfort then asks, “Put simply, did the stress of teaching kill your mum?”.

“Yes,” John replies.

The 65-year-old was only new to the job. She had been working 12-14 hour days at her school in Laverton in country Western Australia.

On the night she died, her husband John desperately tried to get in contact with her.

At 10pm, after many frantic phone calls, John found his wife of 35 years slumped across her desk.

During the episode, Steinfort will investigate the growing number of complaints against the Australian education system.

He will talk to students, teachers, psychologists and parents to find out why our school teachers are under so much pressure.

During his investigation, Steinfort will discover that for many the answer lies with NAPLAN.

Gabbie Stroud, a former teacher, tells Steinfort she walked away from her career in 2014, after watching many of her former colleagues crumble under the pressure.

“I could feel myself slipping away, like my actual identity slipping away, my ability to laugh and joke, and my ability to cry,” she says.

60 Minutes airs on Sunday at 8.30pm on Channel 9

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