The top 10 names of men and women who make the best partners.

Good news, you can now judge how the worthiness of your significant other based on their name. All thanks to the findings of a study by


The findings should obviously be taken with a grain of salt. It’s not exactly hard science, but it’s good to know if your spouse has made the cut. Right?

It probably could’ve made our dating days so much easier…

Does your spouse make the list? Image via iStock.

A British site call GoodtoKnow has pointed out that as a society, we are very quick to judge people based on their name. This association is usually due to our experiences with different people of the same names.

"Of course, people shouldn't be judged on a name alone, so while men like David and Andrew seem to be top of the pile, they've still got to uphold that reputation day to day," the site said.

So without further ado, let's first check out the list of perfect hubbies. Did yours make the cut?

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There's also a list of top 10 women's names. Here they are:

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Did your name and/or your spouse's name make it onto the list?