The 10 most unfaithful names. Is your partner’s on the list?

If your name is Jessica and you are over 45 you could very well be cheating on your partner – and with someone 10 years younger than you.

Of course, you might already know that. But did you know the remaining nine in top 10 names of those most likely to play up on their partner?

International infidelity website Gleeden analysed the names of their 2.5 million users names. The results are a long way from the vixen-ish monikers we might have expected.

Take a look:

But what's more interesting is that if women are cheating, one in three over 45 prefer their lovers to be 6-10 years younger than them.

Victoria Milan, another international affair-based website, has revealed women over 45 who are having affairs know exactly what they want.

“Women over 45 told us they want younger lovers because it gives them more control over their affairs, and they are more sexually satisfied by younger men. As women get more mature, they become more self-assured – they know what they want, and exactly how to get it,” founder and CEO Sigurd Vedal, said.

And what is it that they want?

Thirty-six per cent of women over 45 say they prefer their lovers to be 6-10 years younger than them, while 22 per cent prefer them to be 1-5 years younger. Only 20 per cent of women would choose someone older.

Conversely, women under 45 they prefer an older man. Two per cent say they prefer an age gap of between 1 and 5 years and 23 per cent say the difference should be between 6-10 years more.

Why? Older lovers have more sexual experiences - and look better with age (unless you're Jack Nicholson...sorry Jack.)

Is your name on the list - or anyone's you know?

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