Naked people with gallons of honey poured on them = art.

THIS is the very definition of a sticky situation.

When it comes to things we’d dislike doing – stripping naked and having gallons of honey poured all over us is up there with having to listen to Nickelback on repeat for two days. Read: very undesirable.

But photographer Blake Little, who has captured the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Steve Carell in the past, proved he has the pulling power to convince people to do just that.

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Little created this sticky and sweet photo series for a book called Preservation, which features 68 photos of people – and animals – completely doused in honey.

Is this man laughing or crying? We can’t tell due to the honey that’s smothering his naked body.

It makes us squirm imagining having honey in every orifice of our body, but it’s also pretty damn awesome.

And as you may have guessed – a lot of honey was harmed in the making of this shoot.

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“I used an amazing amount of honey. They come in five-pound jugs that are a little more than a quarter, I think I used 900 of those,” Little explained.

Which translates to 4500 kilograms of honey. That’s a fair amount of Capilano right there.

If you can look through these photos without craving honey on toast, we salute you.

Would you try this at home? (Maybe don’t.)