Nadia Bartel shares her simple trick to get her son to sleep through the night.

Anyone with a baby more than say, 30 minutes old, knows the one eternal struggle of becoming a parent: saying goodbye to a full night’s sleep.

But fashion blogger Nadia Bartel, who is a first-time mum to 19-month-old Aston, may have just discovered a trick that could help a young one sleep through the night.

Sharing her technique on Instagram, Nadia acknowledged that although she’s seen a lot of success, her process may not work for every child, or every parent.

nadia bartel son June 2017
Nadia and her son, Aston. Image via Instagram.

"Let's also talk about the difference a few nights of sleep makes," she wrote to her 380,000 followers.

"[Aston] is back to sleeping through the night...and the only thing I have changed is talking to him lots at sleep time."

Nadia said she talks with her son about "why he needs to go to sleep" and tells him "he is a big boy in his own bed".


She also lies next to him on the floor for a little while, leaving before he falls asleep.

"He seemed so anxious and scared at sleep time and that has soothed him," she wrote.

"It's worked a treat so far, hopefully it stays this way."

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In a reply to a follower, Nadia clarified that she lays on the carpet, which is around the same level as Aston's low-level cot.

"Aston screams too and sits up, but once I lay on the floor with him, he relaxes and starts to lay," she said.

Other mums shared their own success stories in the comments on Nadia's post.

"We went through a phase like that and started talking about her day lots before going to sleep," mum Kathy shared.

"Apparently they process lots of what happened during the day before going to sleep. She is now in a big bed."

"It get easier as they get older but there are times they need reassurance," a mum-of-four wrote.

Do you have any tips for getting your child to sleep through the night? Tell us in the comments below!