The self-portrait that says more than a thousand words about how it feels to face death.

As the Bali Nine duo languish on the island where it’s likely to face their death, a gesture of hope comes from the other side of the world…

An exhibition of Myuran Sukumaran’s paintings was held in Amsterdam last Friday night, in a bid to raise international awareness of the mercy campaign to save the Bali 9 duo.

It’s proof that those closest to Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan have still not lost hope.

Many of the paintings on display were portraits of loved ones, but perhaps the most poignant piece was Sukumaran’s own self-portrait, which he painted since it was last confirmed he would face the firing squad.

Myuran Sukumaran self-portrait. Image via Facebook.

Danish friend Tania Albers organised the exhibition along with one of Sukumaran’s cousin. There were 21 pieces of art on display that were painted either last year or in the days since the duo’s clemency bid was rejected by Indonesian President Joko Widodo.

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Amongst the most touching pieces was the portrait of Widodo that included a message from the Bali 9 prisoner to the President “people can change”.

Portrait of President Widodo by Sukumaran. On the back it says “People can change.” Image via Facebook.

Though the artist has taken to mostly portraits, his painting titled Shot was on display and gives outsiders an insight into the thoughts of the prisoner since his execution was again confirmed.

The painting was simply title ‘Shot’ and painted in the days since clemency was rejected.

None of the paintings are actually for sale and all will be returned to Sukumaran’s family.

The exhibition was organised well before the clemency bid was rejected and Albers said the Bali 9 prisoner wanted the exhibition to go ahead regardless of his fate because he wanted a reason for his family to be proud, reported.