There was another woman at The Bachelorette cocktail party, and you probably didn't notice.

She might be The Bachelorette, but Georgia Love wasn’t the only woman at the cocktail party on last night’s premiere.

Observant viewers spotted a mystery blonde lurking in the background shortly after the 27-year-old’s awkward descent (read: stack) down the stairs.

She appeared in the right of frame wearing a white blouse, then again walking right in front of the camera just a couple of seconds later.

You can watch the video above. But if we pause it riiiiight here, you can see the glorious moment she realises she’s in shot.

The mystery woman's cameo might have been brief, but it's got the internet speculating what business she has lurking around on Georgia's patio.

Is she a producer? A waiter? Perhaps one disguised as the other?

That's probably the most likely answer - I mean, we've all seen UnReal. But we're not prepared to close this case just yet. Not before we've explored all the options.

For example, she's:

  • The 26th contestant from The Bachelor, but wrote down the wrong date. ("Umm, I'm looking for Richie?")
  • A (sub-par) Osher stalker.
  • A jealous ex of one of the contestants who showed up to stake her claim.
  • The Ghost of the Bachelor mansion. A long-forgotten cast off from a previous series, who wanders the halls blowing out candles and clinking champagne flutes.
  • The Blonde Richie Forgot.
  • Georgia's bestie wing-manning/making sure the guys aren't psychopathic.
  • A neighbour who heard loud music; assumed house party.
  • Osher's quiff keeper. Never without a comb.
  • The donkey wrangler.

Image via Channel 10.

Yep. The last one, let's go with the last one.

Case closed.