"I had the most unexpected trip down memory lane at Myer. Yes, Myer."

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For a number of years I put way more thought into my children’s outfits than I did my own. It was way more fun! I’d dress them up like little dolls and then with the two minutes I had left before leaving the house would put on my “uniform” which was pretty much jeans, a T-shirt and black ballet flats.

Because dressing your kids in cute clothes each day is half the fun of being a parent! Recently as I was strolling through Myer’s baby and kids’ section, memories of shopping for my own children when they were babies flooded back to me…

1.  Sprout Mix & Match coveralls $24.95.

Nobody every tells you that your kids will spend the first six months to a year wearing coveralls, so you may as well buy as many of them as you can. My son Philip had reflux and food allergies and could hardly keep anything down. That’s in addition to most babies who regularly spit and dribble.

Seeing the racks of coveralls in Myer is so many sizes and designs brings back so many memories. On a good day he’d only mess up his clothes. On other days he’d manage to get me too.

Sometimes we’d be at the shops and he’d make a mess and I’d just wheel his pram in to Myer, grab some new coveralls for him and a top for me (because I was a mess too), change our clothes and continue with our day.

Sprout mix and match coveralls. Image: Supplied.

2. Origami Dress $74.95.

I was thrilled to find out I was having a daughter, my third child. I would have been just as thrilled to be having another boy but I can't lie, the thought of being able to buy all of those gorgeous girlie clothes made me pretty happy, a nice change from being in the boys' section.

But I hardly got to buy her anything. My family was so excited I was having a girl they went nuts and gave me so many clothes and bought me cute dresses and skirts and tops for her. I didn't need to buy her anything, we were set, for years.

I bought her some stuff anyway. Who can resist adorable dresses like the Origami dress. That with some cute sandals and mother and daughter were on their way looking fabulous. Some of her dresses were so cute I found myself wishing they made them in my size.


Origami dress. Image: Supplied.

3. Sprout Bomber jacket $39.95.

Each season the kids would need a new jacket and they'd wear it almost every day, so it had to be good. During spring and summer we'd bring a light-weight jacket with us. For colder weather this bomber jacket is perfect.

Kid's jackets are really cute and have the added bonus of sprucing up an ordinary-looking outfit and covering up any food mess they've made on themselves as they learned to eat.

Looking at all the little jackets available for kids brings back so many memories of outings we took and because each jacket would only last a season before they grew out of them, I'll find lots of photos of them wearing that same jacket during a particular period of time. I know exactly how old they each were when they wore those jackets.

It's hard to believe they ever fit into something so little.


Sprout bomber jacket. Image: Supplied.

4. Indie Kids by Industrie (Hooded jacket $79.95 Top $49.95 Pant $69.95 Tee $34.95 Vest $74.95 Pant $49.95).

My kids are older now and have a lot of opinions about the clothes I buy for them. They don't want to come clothes shopping with me, but reserve the right to refuse to wear the items I choose.

Particularly for my almost-teenager Philip who is 12 and spends a lot of time putting outfits together and doing his hair. He uses my hairspray now... and when it comes to clothes, has a preference for fitted jeans, brightly coloured shoes and "cool" tops, although his definition of "cool" changes frequently.

Indie Kids by Industrie is such a great range and I pretty much know that anything I grab from Myer from the range will be a hit with my son. He also tends to wear clothes to death, preferring a particular outfit for a time before he is forced to move on due to wear and tear. I can spot an Industry T-shirt or jacket and think about his exact reaction when I showed it to him.

Indie Kids. Image: Supplied.

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