'It's our first family holiday in years, and my mother-in-law has decided to tag along.'

Family holidays are hard enough to organise, between coordinating your partner, your work schedules, and your rambunctious children.

For one mumsnet user however, she has another hurdle to overcome on her first family holiday in three years. That hurdle being a… nightmare mother-in-law.

So we have a family holiday booked for myself, my [husband] and our [children]. It’s our first holiday in almost three years, we are not well off and have saved for this week long holiday in the sun.

My in laws on the other hand, will off go abroad two or three times a year. So we told my MIL that we are going away and she has decided that she may want to come with us. Although she will be staying with a relative who lives in a small village near to our destination, so not joining us at the hotel, the problem is that she’s already tried to get us to change our plans so that nearly everyday that we are away we will be joining her and the relative instead. All myself and my [children] want to do is go to he beach everyday and play and relax and go to water parks. My in laws are very controlling people and I know she will be ringing everyday to ask us to come to where she is staying.

We’ve been on holiday with her before and I couldn’t even decide what time to wake up! She had to tell us what was too late or too early!

The woman continued explaining everything her MIL, or NIL (nightmare-in-law) as I like to call it, will do on said already doomed holiday, like not eating out, not seeing the point in playing dead fish on a beach (aka relaxing), and telling her to choose more appropriate clothing to cover skin.


Then, she posed the question every wife or husband has probably thought once in their marriage.

“Am I being a b*tch for wanting my [husband] to politely tell her not to come?”

Boy, was she met with a plethora of answers to that conundrum.

Grandma won’t stop feeding the kids unhealthy food. Post continues below…

“Part of reason I split from partner was his mum tagging along and ruining our family holidays for me,” one woman responded.

Another wrote, “Not at all. If my MIL declared that she was coming on holiday with us, I swear I’d stay at home.”

What would you do in such a situation?