My Kitchen Rules has resorted to the most obvious storyline. Please excuse our eye-roll.

On one side there are the self-confessed “horrible stuck up bitches”, on the other there are the “psychos” who aren’t afraid to hold back and, just like that, Season Nine of My Kitchen Rules has begun.

It was the first episode of the season last night and brothers Josh and Nick kicked off the competition with an impressive Italian spread. You wouldn’t know it, however, because most of the attention was on two pairs of female partners.

Jess and Emma are sisters from New South Wales who say on the show people often perceive them to be “horrible stuck-up bitches”.

Friends Roula and Rachael from Victoria are “fiery” and frequently referred to as “psychos” in the kitchen.

Cue: Drama and a collective eye roll from the Australian people. Hasn’t this storyline run its course too many times before?

Apparently, it’s impossible for women to compete for anything without becoming emotional and having a cat fight and threatening to throw each other off their chairs. No, really.

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Rachael referred to her competitors as ‘The Plastics’ and said they should be on Real Housewives instead of a cooking show.

Emma said she was better than Rachael in real estate.

Roula refused to eat the fried dumplings because she ‘likes to look good’, attracting backlash from Jess who said: “I’d pick you up out of the chair and throw you out’.


The night continued to deteriorate. There were comments about weight and appearances and the whole scenario left a bad taste in your mouth. (Ironic, considering it’s a cooking show.)

Certainly, the storyline in which women are enemies and villains has been fodder for producers since the beginning of television.

But in this case, it’s so bloody obvious, the Australian public would like to remind those in charge: we can see right through it.

It’s 2018 and time to change the script.