My Kitchen Rules fans are in for a very saucy first in the new season.

It looks like romance will be on the menu for two rival contestants on My Kitchen Rules next year.

A trailer for the new season introduces us to the contestants Bek and Kyle who seem too busy flirting to concentrate on the food at the dinner parties.

Bek is a self-confessed “big flirt” who says she could “flirt with a pot plant.” Meanwhile, Kyle is a tall man with an exceptional beard. According to fellow contestants who are featured in the trailer, the chemistry between the pair is undeniable.

The trailer shows snippets of various dinner parties and Bek and Kyle are demonstrating all the classic signs of flirting.  There arecheeky glances and hair flicks a-plenty.

Exhibit A: Kyle’s flirty smirk

Image via Channel 7.

EXHBIT B: Bek's hair twirling.

Image via Channel 7.

EXHBIT C: I mean, just look at them.

Sparks are flying between Bek and Kyle. Image via Channel 7.

In the final moments of the trailer, a fellow contestant exclaims: "when's that kiss coming?"

Everyone uses cutlery to tap their glasses as if they were at a wedding and asking the newlyweds to kiss.

We then see Kyle and Bek giggling sheepishly before the camera pans away from the pair and then the room erupts in cheering.

Manu Feildel's hands are clasped together and a massive smile spreads across his face. (His reaction is basically my face whenever characters on a TV show finally smooch after weeks of sexual tension.)

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The pair clearly have Manu's approval. Image via Channel 7.

"Hashtag get a room," fellow contestants David and Betty exclaim in a chat-to-camera. 

It's a story of forbidden love that could rival Romeo and Juliet, but we're hoping these star-crossed lovers will get a happy ending -- even if one does beat the other in the competition.

Find out what really goes on at a MKR dinner party:

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