The plating technique fans of My Kitchen Rules are fed up with.

In many ways, it’s impossible to predict what happens on My Kitchen Rules — whether it be a spectacular dish completely out of left field, or one contestant labelling another a “slut” (still shocked by that one, to be honest).

Yet some aspects of the show are a safe bet, and none more so than the “smear” plating technique.

Don’t pretend you don’t know it — the ‘smear’ of sauce or puree across a plate before the other elements are added has become as ubiquitous in the food world as matcha and donuts.

Tim and Kyle's scallops... complete with "smear". (Image: Channel 7)

Sure, it's intended as a ~fancy~ touch, but one look at social media suggests MKR fans are bloody sick and tired of it.

When the smear inevitably popped up on Wednesday night's semi final, as part of Tim and Kyle's Scallops with Celeriac Purée and Pancetta, viewers shared their dismay on Twitter:

Wow. Some of those descriptions really are colourful. "Skidmarking" has to take the cake.

As it turns out, this isn't the first time the "smear" has left MKR fans exasperated.

Listen: Josh perfectly illustrates the difference between My Kitchen Rules and Masterchef. (Post continues after audio.)

In fact, they've been ranting and raving about it all season long (yes, for months on end). You could say there's a bit of an anti-smear campaign going on.

Here's a choice selection of some of the anti-plate smear sentiment out there:

It doesn't look like the plate smear is disappearing into obscurity any time soon — it'll probably show up three times in the grand final alone — but at least the contestants aren't hellbent on ramming every single meal into a mason jar.

Things could be worse, people.

Where do you stand on the smear? Are there other plating techniques that are worse?

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