MKR's Josh shares what went on behind the scenes after he called a contestant a "sl*t".

My Kitchen Rules Josh Meeuwissen has addressed the moment he appears to call a fellow contestant a “sl*t” as she serves him his meal.

Jaws hit the floor as a promo for Wednesday night’s episode surfaced in which the outspoken contestant – known for his insults more than his cooking – seems to say “Thanks, sl*t” as fellow contestant Amy Murr places his plate in front of him.

Those around the table look stunned as the Broome man smiles on. Later, promo footage shows judge Manu Feildel pulling Josh aside to discuss his behaviour.

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Ahead of the episode, the self-titled ‘Seafood King’ called into KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O show to explain himself.

Josh accused a producer of “blackmailing” him and forcing other contestants to say certain things before Jackie clarifies he is talking about the “sl*t” comment.

“There was a particular interview where a producer so badly wanted me to discuss something I wasn’t comfortable to discuss to the point that we both exited a room, she followed us to the hotel, where the interview took place,” Josh told the radio hosts.

“(She) took the lift with us and followed us to our hotel room, the entire way hounding, pleading with us, blackmailing us … and then she had the audacity to justify this behaviour as ‘doing her job’.”

Josh accused the show's producers of removing the kind and loving interactions between he and his wife. (Image via Channel Seven)

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When Jackie questioned what the producer was asking him to say, Josh replied that it was "about a certain comment that comes on tonight".

"Oh is this where you call the girl a 'sl*t'? Is it that one?" Kyle asked.

Josh confirmed, "Yep, that’s the one".

The 25-year-old went on to say he apologised to Amy off-air and the pair had remained friends outside of the show.

He also told the hosts he and wife Amy - who are competing together in the competition - were still "happily married" and that their relationship had been falsely portrayed as rocky.

Josh appears to insult Amy in Wednesday night's episode. (Image via Channel Seven.)

When Kyle and Jackie tried to clarify that Josh had addressed the "sl*t" comment to Amy and not his own wife sitting beside him, he decided not to say anything further, perhaps in an effort not to give away too much and jeopardise viewership.

Channel Seven has been promoting MKR's Super Dinner Parties episodes heavily on the angle of promised drama the episodes will involve, including a breakup.

Josh, who has already been receiving floods of criticism from social media users, has unsurprisingly drawn further ire with the release of the promo footage.

With others suggesting that Josh may have been misheard.

Mamamia has contacted Channel Seven for comment in relation to Josh's remarks about the show producers.