MKR viewers aren't happy with the way Dee treats her husband.

Right from the offset on last night’s episode of My Kitchen Rules, tensions were high at Casa Del Dee and Tim.

Though they were all smiles and smooches before the show, their Spanish inspired menu proved a little more testing than they had anticipated.

Image via Facebook/ My Kitchen Rules.

Apparently the pressure was too much for Dee, who was shown berating Tim over breadcrumbs, and speaking to him in what could reasonably be described as an intensely patronising tone. “Look at me,” she said, after Tim had evidently made one too many mistakes. “Don’t do anything else.”

Viewers were quick to jump on social media and share their thoughts about the couples interactions, none of them complimentary.

While several Twitter users appeared to find some humour in the situation, calling for fans to #PutYourApronsOut for Tim, and starting the trending topic #SaveTim, others found Dee’s treatment of her husband pretty terrible, and even suggested the couple should file for divorce.

“Who wants to crowdfund for a new set of balls for Tim?” wrote one fan. “Or refer him to a good divorce lawyer…#SaveTim #MKR.”

“Get yourself a tray, get yourself some flour, get yourself a new wife #MKR” wrote another.

Several more viewers expressed legitimate concerns over the health of the Dee and Tim’s relationship, the term “abuse” was used frequently.

One twitter user even suggested that if the gender roles were reversed, the interaction between partners would be deemed inappropriate for broadcast, stating “This abuse is actually making me feel uncomfortable. If the genders were swapped it wouldn’t be shown @mykitchenrules bad form #MKR”

Of course, as always, there was also an abundance of social media commentary on the quality (or lack there of) of the cooking. Come on, you have to admit that soup looked pretty terrible.

my kitchen rules dee and tim

Spurred on by the show’s official Twitter page, the hashtag #Deesaster also got a bit of action last night.

The couple scored abysmally for their Spanish selection, and if many viewers have their way, will be booted out at the next elimination.

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