My Kitchen Rules "villain" Amy on the show's secret on-set romances.

My Kitchen Rules may have only just launched, but audiences are already questioning the show “romances” going on behind the scenes.

Contestant Amy joined The Binge hosts Laura Brodnik and Tiffany Dunk to discuss how the single contestants may have swapped more than just recipes.

Listen to My Kitchen Rules star Amy tell The Binge exactly what’s happening behind the scenes.

Amy said the non-coupled format had fostered an environment where love could bloom.

“Obviously there was seven singles, out of the twelve, so seven people at the table, all of similar age… so brilliant casting in that respect,” she said.

The cooking show contestant said she didn’t want to give away too much in case it conflicted with another contestant’s magazine scoop.

“Oh look, I don’t want to talk for anyone else because they might be looking to be in New Idea tomorrow about some form of a romance but there was definitely a lot of laughing and a lot of getting to know you,” she said.

Amy did however let slip how there were moments where the shared dinners came across as something more than platonic.

“Like Kyle said, it was a bit like a group tinder date,” she said.

Amy entered the show alongside brother Tyson, the pair have already been billed as the “fiery foodies” of the show.

Amy explained how she felt about being dubbed the villains of the season.

“There’s always going to be a villain and I think that’s part of the beauty of reality TV,” she said.

Listen to the complete episode The Binge for the full behind-the-scenes scoop on MKR as well as the latest in TV news. 

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