Colin went too far on MKR last night. Way too far.

Colin Fassnidge was really cracking the whip on last night’s episode of MKR, and viewers aren’t happy about it.

The straight-talking Irish judge didn’t hold back as he chastised contestants Eve and Jason for using – wait for it – bottled lemon juice during the rodeo-themed cook-off. The pair attempted to defend themselves by pointing out that they had 21 whole chickens to marinate, but for Fassnidge, that simply wasn’t a good enough reason to forgo fresh produce.

Video by Channel 7

Part of the reason Colin pulled on his cranky pants was that this wasn’t the first time Jason and Eve had reached for the bottles. They’d previously been slapped on the wrist for whipping out trusty store-bought lemon juice and bottled garlic.

“Have we been down this road before?” asked Colin last night. “Have you tasted it?”

The MKR Facebook page lit up after the episode went to air, with commenters clearly irked by Colin’s snarky attitude. Several also pointed out that other contestants were using pre-made stock.

Lemongate wasn’t Colin’s only peeve. He also slammed Anna and Jordan’s dish of spicy Sicilian sausage with focaccia and tomato relish. “So basically, are you doing a posh sausage sizzle?” he spat at the mother and son duo.

After eating the dish he also had to eat his words. “It was great,” he admitted.

Perhaps his cowboy boots were on a little too tight.

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