A contestant was taken to emergency on MKR. Viewers were angry about what happened next.

Well, if there’s one thing My Kitchen Rules has delivered this season it’s certainly drama.

Of course, the booting of Sonya and Hadil gave the show plenty of material, plenty of headlines and plenty of airtime.

So, it was only fitting that they tried to back up their most dramatic few episodes ever with an equally dramatic storyline.

Enter: Sirens.

Yes, last night, MKR fans watched on as contestant Suong was whisked away in an ambulance after cowering in pain over stomach cramps. Her cooking partner, Kim, was in tears, Suong looked to be in a bad way and so, the ambulance was called, Suong left the dinner party and went off to hospital.

And then, well, the dinner party just kept going. So much so, it was like the ambulance thing just… never happened.

Ah well, thought MKR fans. Perhaps Tuesday night’s episode will offer all the clarification we need.

Oh! But wait. On Tuesday, Suong was back.

But with absolutely no explanation:

In fact, unless My Kitchen Rules fans are so dedicated, they not only watch the show every night, but Sunrise in the morning too, then perhaps they’d never known.

In an interview on Tuesday morning’s Sunrise, fans learned that the cause of the illness was an internal virus.

“I contracted [it] when I was in Western Australia,” she said. “I didn’t know it was an internal virus. It was actually really scary. I don’t remember much at all. I was in and out of consciousness.”

So there you have it dedicated MKR fans: The explanation we were never quite given.