Forgotten about these? The first beauty products we ever owned.

When you think about your most-used beauty product, what comes to mind? Your promised-filled night cream? The mascara that makes stumpy lashes stretch to an acceptable length? Or the blush that makes last  night’s sixth glass look like it never happened (or at least makes your cheeks match your eyes)?

But what was the first? The first beauty product you ever owned? Was it a tried and true, recommended by mum? Or a must-have, as dictated by Dolly or Cleo or Women’s Weekly?

We’ve pulled some of our favourites together in the gallery below. What was yours?


For most girls, the makeup thing starts with their mums. When I was little, there was nothing I loved more than watching my Mum get ready to go out. Waiting for the babysitter, I would sit on her bed and watch on as she put on a coat of red lippy, a dress that was ‘for good’ and a delicate spray of perfume.

To me, that was what being a grown up was all about – having all those shiny, beautiful products.

Now that I am a fully-fledged grown up, my thoughts haven’t changed all too much – now it’s just me buying the pretty things instead of sneakily using my Mum’s.

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My own foray into makeup didn’t come until year 8. I’d spent years looking on at the girls at school who were already wearing makeup and swearing I “could think of nothing worse than poking pencils anywhere near my eye”. The first product I ever bought? A Rimmel London black eyeliner.

I don’t think I even wore any other makeup with it, just lined the inner rims of my eyes with black kohl. Eventually, after realising that it looked a little silly, I started to use mascara as well.

Now my makeup stash is a little larger, but I like to think that that first eyeliner laid the foundation for my love of liquid, winged liner today.

What was your first beauty product?