"The first beauty product I ever owned."

While you might have beauty products you love and rave about now, I have a theory that there’s one item you will never forget – the first that your mother gave you.

To put this theory to the test, I asked the office to share theirs. While the products ranged from ’90s cult favourites to classic skincare products that are still used today, there was one common theme – everyone’s Mum had been involved in some way. Naw. (Post continues after gallery.)

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I’m no exception. When I was little, there was nothing I loved more than watching my Mum get ready to go out. Waiting for the babysitter, I would sit on her bed and watch on fascinated as she put on her makeup, got dressed up and never left without finishing with a delicate spray of perfume and a coat of red lipstick.

To me, that was what being a grown up was all about – being able to have and use all those shiny and beautiful products. It symbolised a connection between Mum and I and made me think of her as the most glamorous person that I knew (she still is).

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Ironically. my own foray into the makeup world came a little later than you might have thought. Aside from the occasional blue and purple eyeshadow palette that came with my monthly S Club 7 magazine, I wasn’t interested in wearing my own makeup until Year 8. (Post continues after gallery.)

Despite years of looking on at the girls at school who were already wearing makeup and swearing that I “could think of nothing worse than poking pencils anywhere near my eye”, the first product I ever bought (shopping with Mum of course)? A Rimmel London black eyeliner.

I don’t think I even wore any other makeup with it, just lined the inner rims of my eyes with black kohl. Eventually, after realising that it looked a little silly, I started sneakily borrowing Mum’s mascara when she wasn’t looking.

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Now my makeup stash is a little larger, but I like to think that that first eyeliner laid the foundation for my love of liquid, winged liner today. So thanks Mum – for that, and so much more.

What was your first beauty product?